Monday, July 11, 2011

West Hollywood welcomes seven bold new sculptures to the neighbourhood...

One of the many things I love about West Hollywood is the abundance of ever changing public art around the city's streets.

Wave Hill sculpture by Robert Ressler (2000)
Wave Hill sculpture Robert ResslerWave Hill sculpture Robert Ressler
The large new sculptures to be found along Santa Monica Boulevard on the grassy median just before Doheny Drive are no exception and a welcome addition after hosting Peter Shire's colourful geometric sculptures most recently.

Flora Exemplar sculpture by Andrew Rogers (2006)
Flora Exemplar sculpture Andrew RogersAndrew Rogers Flora Exemplar sculpture
There's nothing like a big, bold bronze (or welded painted steel in the case of Lintel) to make a statement and luckily these newly installed pieces really do make this part of West Hollywood more interesting.

Between Essence and Existence by Bruce Lindsay (1992)
Between Essence and Existence sculptureBetween Essence and Existence sculpture

Lintel sculpture by Emilie Benes Brzezinski (1993)
Lintel Sculpture WEHOLintel sculpture West Hollywood
These really are my kind of sculptures and remind me of the outdoor sculptures at The Getty Center.

Bucci sculpture by Peter Voulkos (2001)
Bucci sculpture Peter VoulkosPeter Voulkos Bucci Sculpture

Matters of the Moment sculpture by Mike Gyampo (1996)
Matters of the Moment sculptureMatters of the Moment sculpture WEHOMatters of the Moment sculptureMatters of the Moment sculpture
Apparently these sculptures will take temporary residency in this location from now until June 2012.

Teatro XVIII sculpture by Herk Van Tongeren (1981)
Teatro XVIII sculpture West HollywoodTeatro XVIII sculpture WEHO
You can find out more about these outdoor sculpture exhibit at West Hollywood's official website.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I shall enjoy passing by these sculptures in the coming months...

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