Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cool TV and film billboards around L.A. in August...

The new television season is fast approaching, so all of a sudden a whole glut of billboards for new TV shows appeared in August, along with ads for the last few Summer movies and future teasers.

TV billboards
Revenge billboard
I love this billboard for Emily Van Camp's new drama Revenge, which sees the Brothers & Sisters star move to The Hamptons to get revenge for her family. She'll play 'Emily Thorne' hence the dramatic spiky black dress.
Prime Suspect USA billboard
Prime Suspect gets a U.S. makeover twenty years after Helen Mirren made the female detective famous in the U.K. This time Maria Bello takes on the criminals and the male dominated world of the police force.
Playboy Club billboard
The critical success of the 1960's based Mad Men has sparked new period dramas this season, including The Playboy Club and Pan Am.
Charlie's Angel teaser billboard
And even though I constantly bemoan TV and movie remakes, I'm quite excited for the revival of Charlie's Angels for a new generation on television. They may not have the iconic hair of Farrah Fawcett, but their billboard certainly looks like a haircare product advert.
Charlie's Angels remake TV billboard
This month this colourful billboard for celebrity twins Tia & Tamera Mowry's reality TV show really brightened up the skies of L.A.
Tia and Tamera billboard
This billboard for Strike Back really stood out with it's mono creative and vibrant red text.
Strike Back TV billboard
We've had vampires and werewolves these past few years, now TV studios have turned to witches, both in the fourth season of True Blood and the forthcoming show, The Secret Circle.
Secret Circle TV billboard
Speaking of vampires, Buffy makes her return to television after too long an absence, as Sarah Michelle Gellar returns with a new show, Ringer, about identical twin sisters surrounded by mystery and intrigue.
Ringer TV billboard
This billboard for Law & Order: Criminal Intent made me smile with its 'plausible motive to watch TV' tagline.
Law and Order Criminal Intent billboard
And Jane Lynch seems to be everywhere at the moment, not only hosting the Do Something! Awards on VH1, but soon to be seen presenting this year's Emmy's.

If you're a fan the Glee actress, be sure to check out these pictures of Jane Lynch unveiling her Sue Sylvester waxwork at Madame Tussauds Hollywood.
Do Something Awards 2011 billboard
Speaking of funny, Conan O'Brien's tongue-in-cheek billboards for his talk show always make me laugh.
Conan Likes when you watch billboard
Finally for TV billboards this month, there's another cop show on television, Against the Wall. This one is about a female detective who joins the Internal Affairs department which doesn't go down well with her police father and brothers.
Against the Wall TV billboard

Movie billboards
Moneyball billboard
For movies, Brad Pitt returns in a baseball biopic, Moneyball, looking slightly older these days (must be coping with that huge brood of his).
Crackle comedy movie billboard
Crackle is Sony Pictures new online hub which allows you to watch their back catalogue of movies for free, like these comedies. Be sure to also check out two more giant Crackle movie mash-up billboards along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
The Change-up movie billboard
With comedies in mind, here's another iteration of The Change-Up movie billboard campaign.
Contagion billboard
I'm quite looking forward to the movie Contagion (well as much as you can look forward to a movie about a killer apocalyptic disease), and love this clever billboard for the film.
Shark Night 3D billboard
Meanwhile Shark Night 3D isn't top of my must-see movie list, but I have to admit that I love this giant billboard for the forthcoming horror.
Giant The Help billboard Sunset Strip
I also loved this bright and eye-catching billboard for The Help, which really is a five ***** star movie and totally worth seeing.
Giant Fright Night movie billboard
Remakes abound this month and sadly the re-imagined Fright Night flopped at the box office, even though it had this fantastic super-sized billboard.
Footloose remake billboard
Then in October we'll see another version of Footloose. Let's hope it's better than the disappointing Fame remake.
Colombiana film billboard
And finally Zoe Saldana stars as an assassin in Colombiana which opened this weekend at cinemas.

If you liked this round-up of TV and movie billboards around L.A. in August be sure to check out Daily Billboard for more new season shows in TV WEEK...

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