Friday, August 5, 2011

Girl in Wetsuit at high and low tide...

We're back over the border from Canada and safely ensconced back in our West Hollywood habitat, with the usual movie filming going on all around us (today along Sunset Boulevard), but there's still lots to share from our first visit to Vancouver.

Girl in Wetsuit statue at high tide
Girl in Wetsuit statue Stanley Park
Aside from the fireworks and Pride Parade, I also kept my eyes open for anything worthy of being captured on camera.

Girl in Wetsuit statue at low tide
Girl in Wetsuit Stanley Park Vancouver
Staying in Downtown Vancouver we were perfectly located to enjoy the walk around the lovely Stanley Park's seawall a couple of times, in both directions, and I even ran it to keep fit for my upcoming half marathon.
Girl in Wetsuit statue Stanley Park
This quirky Girl in Wetsuit statue in caught my eye and I managed to snap it at high and low tide.
Girl in Wetsuit statue Stanley Park Vancouver
Apparently the statue was a gift from sculptor Elek Imredy and was unveiled on June 10, 1972 (before I was even born). It's supposed to represent Vancouver's dependence on the sea, its busy port making it an important hub for industry and tourism both.
Girl in Wetsuit statue Vancouver
I love its whimsy and the fact the landscape constantly changes around it by being placed in the water.

Stay tuned for even more interesting sights from around Vancouver...

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