Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Museum of Vancouver's giant crab fountain...

Today continues the recent collection of interesting finds from my recent excursion to Vancouver and apparently this is one of its most photographed landmarks.

Vancouver's Crab fountain sculpture
Vancouver Museum crab fountain sculptureMuseum of Vancouver crab fountain
The stainless steel Crab sculpture fountain by George A. Norris can be found in front of the Museum of Vancouver which shares space with the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vanier Park.
Vancouver Museum giant crab fountain
Museum of Vancouver crab fountain
I believe that the crab may represent an old Indian legend about the crab being guardian of the harbour and it also symbolizes the Zodiac sign at the time of Canadian Centennial in 1967 (the sculpture was installed in 1968).
Museum of Vancouver crab fountain sculptureCrab fountain sculpture Museum of Vancouver
Crab fountain Museum of Vancouver
Rearing up 20 feet high the metalwork crustacean is such an impressive sculpture and a real spectacle with the water spraying against it.

With this piece of art and the Digital Orca sculpture over by Coal Harbour, Vancouver artists certainly acknowledge the city's connection with the ocean and its aquatic life...

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