Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vancouver's intriguing Freezing Water sculpture...

On British Columbia Day in Vancouver we strolled over Burrard Bridge to Vanier Park and discovered this intriguing metalwork sculpture.

Freezing Water sculpture at Vanier Park
 Freezing Water sculpture Vancouver Beinnale
Almost seven tons, the alien-looking sculpture entitled 'Freezing Water', by Chinese artist Jun Ren, is inspired by liquid water or mercury.
Freezing Water sculpture Jun Ren
The flowing sculpture is part of the city's bi-annual public art exhibition, Vancouver Biennale.
Vancouver's Freezing Water sculpture
The temporary outdoor sculpture really makes an impact in the park by the water and on the national holiday attracted lots of attention from tourists and passersby.
Freezing Water sculpture Vanier Park Vancouver
Above the stainless steel sculpture people took advantage of the breeze from the sea and flew giant kites in the park, adding to the spectacle.
Freezing Water outdoor sculpture
This is the kind of sculpture I love - big, bold, dramatic and ever so slightly sci-fi.
Freezing Water sculpture Vancouver
Even though Vancouver doesn't have the same amount of art of the streets that a city like San Francisco does, it still has some fascinating gems like this one.

Come back soon for more cool sculptures from Canada...

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