Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vancouver's loud and proud 33rd Pride Parade...

This Sunday marked Vancouver's 33rd Annual Pride Parade and my first ever Canadian Gay Pride, and I have to say I was extremely impressed.
Vancouver Pride Parade flags
I especially loved the thought and effort that had gone into the floats and themes of the various groups participating in the festivities.

Themed and decorated Parade floats
Vancouver Pride Parade Cactus Club
33rd Vancouver Pride Parade float
Vancouver Pride Parade Celebrities float
I loved the colourful characters who were happy to be there and weren't afraid to express themselves in all their glory.
Pink Unicorn Vancouver Pride Parade
Vancouver Pride Parade Diva
It was nice to see young and old taking part, plus the Parade seemed to celebrate all the local diversity, like the strong indian and asian communities.
Vancouver Pride Parade Indian dancer
33rd Vancouver Pride Parade float
Vancouver Pride Parade tribe dancers
It was great to see participation by sporting groups, like rowing clubs and ice curling, who made a real effort to entertain the spectators.

Gay sporting clubs participate in the Parade
Vancouver Parade Pacific Rim Curling
Rowers Vancouver Pride Parade
Families, friends and supporters marched together in a celebration of love but also to demonstrate there's still barriers to being gay and there's still a need for equal rights, medical research and healthcare, plus gay representation.
Vancouver Pride Parade Equality
Vancouver Pride Parade Moment of Silence
Fathers 4 Justice Vancouver Pride Parade
I always love those groups who go the extra mile and put on a show for the crowds with choreographed dance routines and live singing.

I really want one of those rainbow Maple Leaf vests
33rd Vancouver Pride Parade dancersVancouver Pride Parade dancersVancouver 33rd Pride Parade dancers

Glee club sing for the crowds
Glee Vancouver Pride Parade
Vancouver's Parade is much larger than my local West Hollywood Annual Pride Parade and you get the impression that Vancouver's is a more important event in their city's cultural calendar, with a huge turn out by thousands of locals and visitors to enjoy the festivities.

Colourful costumes
Stilts Vancouver Pride ParadeVancouver Pride Parade flower powerVancouver Pride Parade Parrot costume
My first Vancouver Pride Parade was certainly a lot of fun to watch and the weather made for a beautiful day.
Vancouver Pride Parade costumeVancouver Pride Parade flag
Vancouver 33rd Pride Parade hula hoop
Funnily enough I'd not planned to come to Vancouver for Pride or the Celebration of Light fireworks, but they certainly turned out to be highlights of my first ever visit to Canada.
Vancouver Pride Parade WorkSafe floatVancouver Pride Parade Rogue floatWestJet Vancouver Pride Parade
If you haven't already, be sure to check out even more photos from Vancouver's 33rd Annual Pride Parade.
Vancouver Pride Parade rainbow heels
Here's to more memorable Pride Parades around the world in the future...

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