Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Official race photos and video from the Disneyland Half Marathon 2011...

Finally my official race photos, and new for this year videos, from the 6th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon held on Sunday September, 4, 2011 have arrived.

Running through Anaheim's Angel Stadium
Jason at Disneyland Half Marathon 2011Anaheim Stadium Disney Half Marathon 2011
I've moaned and groaned a lot this year about how hard I found this particular 13.1 mile race compared to others and these photos prove my point, you just have to look at my face to see the effort (and relief) at the end.

IN fine spirits for the early 6am start in the dark
Disneyland Half Marathon 2011 start
Disneyland 6th Half Marathon
My official race time was actually 1:37:00, shaving a second off the initial text alert at the Finish Line.

This was my 2nd Disneyland Half Marathon and only my 3rd half marathon ever.

Of the 15,000 competitors and the 12,801 that completed the course I was overall 188th fastest. I was also 155th fastest man and 28th in my division of 35-39 year old men.

Feeling all sporty in a baseball stadium
Disneyland Half Marathon Anaheim Stadium
Aside from the novelty of running through an empty Disneyland, the other highlight of the half marathon is running through Angel Stadium in Anaheim, as you feel all sporty running around the pitch with the crowds of supporters in the stands cheering you on.

Jason sprints to the Finish Line
Sprint finish Disney Half Marathon 2011Sprint finish Disney Half Marathon 2011
Disney Half Marathon Sprint finish 2011
Jason at Disney Half Marathon 2011 finish line
There's nothing like a sprint to the finish though to get your heart pumping and the blood rushing (get out of my way Pluto).

Relief after crossing the line and beating my
Personal Best by almost 3 minutes
Disney Half Marathon Finish 2011Disney Half Marathon Finish 2011Disney Half Marathon Finish 2011
Let's hope I can run my next race, my second L.A. Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on October 30, as quickly.

Not the most flattering post-race photo,
but I totally earned that medal
Jason after Disney Half Marathon 2011
I'm hoping to keep up the training so I'll feel fitter and L.A. Marathon training starts again in October, so that's an extra incentive to set a new P.B.
The one thing I did enjoy for the first time about this Half Marathon was seeing some of the milestones on video, like running through Sleeping Beauty Castle, inside Angel Stadium and racing for the Finish Line.



Daveland said...

Congrats on your PB, Jason!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks, it was hard earned this time!

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