Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pan Am is almost ready for take off...

The new 60's based drama, Pan Am, is almost ready for take off and to publicise the new show starring Christina Ricci, the clever ABC marketing people have created this costume installation in the heart of West Hollywood.
Pan Am costume bus shelter installation
Who'd have thought a bus shelter along Santa Monica Boulevard could be so glamourous. As you know I'm a big TV and movie costume fan, so seeing this iconic Pan Am airline outfit and flight bag display was a treat and a bit of a pleasant surprise.
Pan Am TV show bus shelter WeHo
It's certainly one way to get attention for your new show amidst the glut of new season's offerings, which all pretty much kicked off this week.
Pan Am costume bus shelter
I'll certainly be watching Pan Am and if you like this, you can check out more photos of thisPan Am costume bus shelter installation at my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.

Check back here soon, as you never know what other interesting sights I'll discover on the streets of L.A...

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