Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pepperdine's 9/11 remembrance tribute...

On a drive up to Malibu this week we drove past Pepperdine University's amazing tribute to all the victims of 9/11, which is the stirring sight of thousands of flags fluttering in the breeze on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Pepperdine Heroes 9/11 remembrance
Each Stars and Stripes flag honours the memory of one the fallen innocent men and women in the 9/11 terrorist attacks who lost their lives in New York, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.
Pepperdine 9/11 Union Jack
There are also Union Jacks and the flags of other countries to signify people of different nationalities in this inspiring tribute on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.
Pepperdine 9/11 remembrance tribute
Pepperdine 9/11 remembrance
It's hard to capture the spectacle of this memorial up close or to appreciate the impressive scale, but from a distance it really is an breathtaking sight and nice to see something of beauty come from such a tragedy.
Pepperdine 9/11 remembrance sign
Pepperdine 9/11 heroes flags
You really do get quite emotional walking through the captivating sea of red, white and blue and it's hard to believe that ten years have passed already since that fateful day.9/11 Pepperdine remembrance
Pepperdine 9/11 flag tribute
When we heard the news of the attacks we were on holiday on the Greek isle of Corfu sitting around a swimming pool.
Pepperdine 9/11 tributePepperdine 9/11 remembrance
It was a surreal experience to gather in the hotel's lobby surrounded by strangers from around the world, unified by our shock as we watched the events unfold in America on the TV screen.
Pepperdine 9/11 remembrance flags
I'm hoping we never have to witness such an unnecessary tragedy in our lifetime ever again.

Rest in peace...

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