Monday, October 24, 2011

Cool fashion, arts and lifestyle billboards around L.A. in October...

There were lots of new additions to the city skyline this month, from Fall fashion, to travel and the arts, plus great alcohol and soft beverage billboards to catch your eye. Take a look at L.A.'s latest ad offerings.

Art billboards
Urban Land Project LA billboard
I had to start with this billboard for the Urban Land Project because it's such a welcome visual relief from all the other kinds of advertising crowding Los Angeles skies. Designed to support the work of inspiring individuals by showcasing their creative work, this billboard certainly made me intrigued and want to know more.
LA Art Show 2011 billboard
Keeping with the artistic theme, I'm loving this colourful billboard for the Art Show 2011, which will apparently be a temporary art exhibition where none of the art is for sale and will be destroyed at the end of the final day. A slightly unconventional idea, but it is for the love of art after all.

Drinks billboards
Hennessy Cognac billboard
Back to more conventional thinking, and drinking (you see what I did there), and there's been the usual eclectic collection of alcohol billboards around town this month, mostly along the Sunset Strip, like this super-sized Hennessy Cognac billboard.
Svedka mixed messages billboard
The Svedka Vodka fembot is back and flaunting herself all over L.A., whilst Skyy Vodka continues to kick up its heels with some vibrant and sexy ads.
Skyy Vodka heels billboard
Meanwhile Bushmills Whisky is not planning to let vodka muscle in on its spirits drinkers, as it's been around and shared by friends since way back.
Bushmills Whisky billboard
Newcastle Brown returns to the scene with another witty billboard in its lighthearted campaign for the British ale.
Newcastle Brown Ale billboard
If it's a soft drink you're after to quench your thirst then there's another new bottled water-based drink to try, this one even comes with a fancy cap filled with vitamins.
Activate Sugar not vitamins billboard
Even though Activate's comparative advertising is clever and fun, I almost feel they doth protest too much with their claims.
Activate full of cap billboard
I mean whatever's in those caps is still an additive, right?

Fashion and beauty billboards
Robin Jeans 2011 billboard
I love this creative for Robin's Jeans, it's got a very retro American feel to it. I especially like the wooden fence effect in the background.
Kellan Lutz Abbot + Main billboard
Twilight's Kellan Lutz looks all moody for Abbot + Main along Sunset Strip this month.
Kmart Sofia fashion billboard
Another star gracing Sunset Boulevard is Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, with her own clothing brand at Kmart and looking gorgeous in leopard print.
CK One Box billboard
CK One continues its Box campaign with this latest creative. Be sure to check out the other Calvin Klein billboards in this series at my Daily Billboard blog.
AX Fall 2011 fashion billboard
Armani Exchange continues to grace the city skyline with glam models, whilst Ugg had this rugged, manly looking boot billboard for its new range for men.
Ugg Men billboard
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley bares all for Burberry's new 'Body' perfume, this Transformers star is certainly no robot-in-disguise.
Burberry Body fragrance billboard
Meanwhile this simple Chanel make-up ad looks great against that blue Californian sky.
Chanel Makeup billboard

Health billboards
Live Hot GNC billboard
GNC continues its mono ad campaign and you can check out the previous Live Well billboards at Daily Billboard.
New Love HIV test billboard
Plus I'm liking the latest AIDS Healthcare billboard with its retro pop art feel, they're always great at changing things up to grab attention for their essential health messages.

Technology billboards
Bose soundlink billboard
Bose's advert for its new Soundlink speaker really stands out with its special extension sticking out at the top of the billboard, although I think the models skin tone would have looked better with a more natural colour, rather than this tonal effect which looks like a badly lit photograph.

Charity billboards
AIDS Lifecycle billboard
So many of my friends from the T2: Team to End AIDS Marathon training group went on to ride the 600 mile AIDS Lifecycle from San Francisco to L.A., so it was no surprise to see this billboard for such a worthy cause in my West Hollywood neighbourhood. Personally I'll stick to running though.

Travel billboards
Disney Aulani Hawaii billboard
Finally for this round-up, here's two fun and colourful billboards for Disney's travel offerings. First is a giant billboard for Disney's new Hawaiian resort, Aulani.
Disney Baja Cruise Line billboard
Secondly, Donald Duck and his nephews catch a wave on Disney's Cruise Line from L.A. to Baja.

Be sure to check out more stylish and creative billboards every day at Daily Billboard and come back at the end of November for another round-up...

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