Sunday, October 30, 2011

I rocked, I rolled, I hopefully beat last year's half marathon result...

Up at 5am and all over by 9.15am, now that's a way to start your Sunday.

Jason after the L.A. Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2011
Jason after Rock'n'Roll LA Half Marathon 2011
Today was another hard run, following a week of colds and not enough maintenance runs, my legs ached from the start and not all the Gu gels in the world were going to make me run any faster.

I believe I beat or at least matched last year's half marathon time, my watch saying around 1:39, but I have to wait for this evening for the official timed result.

L.A. Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2011 t-shirt, medal and bib no.
LA Rock'n'Roll shirt and medal 2011
One thing that did make me smile after the race was one of the freebies, a Snickers 'Marathon' energy bar. My British visitors will appreciate the nostalgic value in this as in the U.K. and Ireland the 'Snickers' chocolate bar was sold under the name 'Marathon' until about 1990.
Snickers Marathon energy bar
I have to say that this course was less inspiring than last year, or the recent Disneyland Half Marathon, not only did it loop back on itself to start and finish near L.A. Live, Downtown, but there were almost no spectators along the route to give encouragement to the runners, which always gives me a boost during the 13.1 miles.

Saying that, there were lots of cheer squads, the bands along the course are pretty poor so your own music is essential, and there was a certain satisfaction of seeing the lead runners loop around and run past you on their way back to the finish and for you to repeat the same for the slower fun runners behind you.

Jason at L.A. Live after the race
LA Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon Jason 2011
One more thing, that killer hill up over the bridge and back around at mile 9 and 10 almost finished me off. That wasn't a nice surprise at the end at all, although the view of the Downtown city skyline as you ran back was pretty spectacular illuminated in the morning sunshine.

Can't wait to see the agony on my face in the official race photos. Keeping my legs iced and fingers crossed that my race time is better than 2010...

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