Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meeting the robots of Real Steel...

I have to say that I really enjoyed Hugh Jackman's latest blockbuster movie, Real Steel. Probably the combination of buff leading man, puppy dog eyes and getting to meet some of the animatronic robots used in the movie may have had something to do with it.

Jason in Hollywood meets the Real Steel robot stars
Jason and Real Steel animatronic robots
Meet 'Noisy Boy' and 'Atom', two of the boxing robots that were brought to life in the sci-fi movie using a combination of CGI and 'old-fashioned' animatronics.

Noisy Boy robot from Real Steel
Noisy Boy Real Steel robot
These two giant robots are on display for all to see (and have your photo taken with) at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood until October 19, 2011.

To be honest, the film started rather questionably with another of the robots in the film, not pictured here, punching a bull in a local fairground contest. I wondered what kind of bloodsports movie I'd decided to watch, as I'm not a huge fan of boxing either. Fortunately in the near future people stop bashing their own brains in and leave it to the robots.

Atom robot from Real Steel
Atom robot Real Steel movie
What could have been a very predictable movie turns into a very endearing story of a boy reconnecting with his estranged father, with the help of a robot (Atom), with perhaps just a bit of a mind of his own.

The enjoyable story and strong performances by Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and his on-screen son Dakota Goyo as 'Max', really win you over. Plus this is one film where the child actor doesn't make you want to cringe (well at least not too much anyway).
Jason meets Real Steel robots
I give Real Steel four **** stars and the robots themselves top marks for looking so cool. Kudos to the filmmakers for not just relying on CGI to bring them to life, which helps with the authenticity of the film.

If you're unsure whether to go see Real Steel take the chance, it's a winner. Plus if you live in L.A. pop along to the El Capitan to check out these robotic beauties in person while you can...

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