Friday, October 14, 2011

Melrose Avenue's comic book homage wall murals...

I love that Melrose Avenue always have an ever-changing landscape of art, from graffiti to posters and wall murals.
Melrose Avenue wall muralsTake for example this latest colourful and quirky collection of posters opposite the Fairfax High School that really made me smile.
The Combrats poster Melrose Avenue
Obviously it helped that that some of them were postmodern tributes to comic book characters, like Superman and the Hulk.
Cartoon Contender Melrose Avenue
Incredulous Hunk poster
Aside from this 'incredulous' take on the jade giant, these designs also include a witty homage to the Bob's Big Boy character from the infamous burger restaurants.
Big Boy homage poster Melrose Avenue
If you like these fun posters, be sure to check out this previous Mattia Biaggi art installation along Melrose Avenue.
Cartoon Contender and Hunk homage posters
I wonder what creations will line this wall in the future...

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