Monday, October 31, 2011

This year my Halloween costume will Kick-Ass...

Happy Halloween everyone. I've been Spider-man, I've been Robin, this year it's time to Kick-Ass when it comes to my Halloween costume.

Jason in Hollywood kicks ass
Halloween Kick-Ass costume
I have to say I'm not overly impressed with my one-size-fits-all superhero costume, which kind of makes me look like a green Teletubbie (I think I need to be taller and skinnier), but it'll be dark tonight so I'll just have to lose myself in the colourful crowds at West Hollywood's Annual Halloween Carnaval.
Inflatable green Halloween skull
As always our Labrador, Cooper, was slightly bemused by my whole fancy dress rehearsal and it's always an effort to keep dog slobber of your superhero tights this time of year.
Kick-Ass Halloween costume
I'm looking forward to the usual parade of fantastic costume creations along Santa Monica Boulevard later and I'm sure they'll be much more impressive than my shop bought one, especially as there's always a lot of Hollywoodland industry talent responsible for amazing make-up and wardrobe designs in attendance.

Next year I'll do my best Project Runway effort and 'make it work' in time for Halloween.

Happy hauntings...

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