Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eye-catching TV and movie billboards around L.A. in November...

November has been a busy month for new movies, with everyone trying to cash in on Thanksgiving weekend and building up to the festive holiday season. What's more the weather has become a bit more unpredictable and with daylight savings the sun is moving faster and is lower in the sky, making it harder to capture the best photographs of all these cool billboards. Regardless, here's some fantastic examples of what the L.A. skyline had to offer this month in terms of TV, film and entertainment billboards.

Movie billboards
Tintin seaplane billboard
First up is a truly eye-catching billboard for the new Tintin movie. I love seeing billboards with special extensions like this seaplane, I always think they look so cool and engaging.
Puss in Boots billboards
When I went Downtown to pick up my race packet for the Rock 'n' Roll L.A. Half Marathon I spied this amazing trio of billboards for the Puss in Boots movie, which I'd never have seen otherwise.
Ghost Protocol movie billboard
No matter how mad you think Tom Cruise is with all his Scientology and jumping up on down on chairs on chat shows nonsense, you have to admit this giant billboard along L.A.'s Sunset Strip looks pretty spectacular for the fourth Mission: Impossible cinematic installment.
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol billboard
There's also several other ad creatives for Ghost Protocol, so be sure to check them out at my Daily Billboard blog.
Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas billboard
As I mentioned above the festive movies have started already, which is always a bit disconcerting in sunny L.A. in November, but I do like this fun billboard for A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (I think it's primarily Neil Patrick Harris with his candy cane aimed at passersby).
Arthur Christmas elf billboard
Even though it came early, one of my favourite campaigns in November was for Arthur Christmas, which had loads of special extensions, billboards trimmed with fairy lights and even a living billboard installation for the animated movie along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. How amazing is that.
Harry Potter Oscar consideration billboard
Another favourite collection of ads were those for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Oscar consideration campaign. Not only does it promote the Blu-ray release with billboards featuring Harry, Snape, Hagrid and Voldemort, but they also encourage Academy Award voters to consider the movie for Best Picture, Director and Adapted Screenplay.
Happy Feet Two billboard
The cute billboards for Happy Feet Two also made me smile this month, but what's not to like about fluffy baby penguins.
The Muppets billboard Sunset Strip
The Muppets were back in a big way this Thanksgiving and making a spectacle of themselves along Sunset Plaza with this super-sized, muppet packed creative that was a joy to see.
J Edgar movie billboard
Leonardo DiCaprio did his best frowning for the J. Edgar Hoover movie billboards and the patriotic stars and stripes design was a nice touch for this biopic about the infamous FBI Director.
Immortals movie billboards
I finally got to see Immortals this weekend and loved it. This giant billboard really doesn't do the movie justice, which is filmed beautifully with spectacular visuals and loads of buff bodies to enjoy.
Hugo billboard
Hugo is getting rave reviews, so I can't wait to see it. I love this whimsical billboard for the new fantasy adventure from Martin Scorsese. Be sure to check out these costumes and props from Hugo including the automaton 'mechanical man' featured in the movie.
Twilight Breaking Dawn billboards
Meanwhile Twilight is back with another box office smash, choosing to split the final book just like Harry Potter so the studio can rake in more money when Part 2 of Breaking Dawn is released next year.
Twilight Breaking Dawn billboard
If you're a fan, be sure to check out these original costumes and props from The Twilight Saga on display.

Sports billboards
Wrestlemania John Cena vs The Rock billboard
I snapped this Wrestlemania billboard solely as a favour for my nephew, Evan, as he's a big wrestling fan. Obviously The Rock's film career is floundering if he's headed back to the ring.

TV billboards
Hung and Bacardi billboards
As always there were some great giant-sized billboards around L.A. this month including this saucy season three billboard for Thomas Jane in Hung and the third season fun ad for Bored to Death which replaced it.
Giant Bored to Death season 3 billboard
Beavis and Butt-head got another bright billboard for their 'new'd', I mean new episodes.
Beavis and Butthead newd episodes billboard
One of my favourite reality cooking shows is back on TV and Top Chef: Texas moseyed back on the scene with this creative for their ninth season.
Top Chef Texas billboard
Not to be outdone, The Next Iron Chef: Superchefs also had their knives drawn for their fourth series.
Next Iron Chef billboard
I'm also enjoying these witty ads for The Soup which is moving transmission day, each different creative features an usual passenger alongside Joel McHale.
The Soup TV billboard
You can tell Awards Season is on the way when you see Oscar and Emmy consideration billboards around the City of Angels. This one is for actress Callie Thorne in USA's Necessary Roughness.
Necessary Roughness Emmy Consideration billboard
Also for your consideration are the lead actors from Suits with this tall billboard just opposite the other USA ad along Sunset Boulevard.
Giant Suits Emmy Consideration billboard
I'm also loving that the ladies of Hot in Cleveland are getting into the holiday spirit for their third season of the sitcom. That Betty White is a Ho-Ho-Ho hoot.
Hot in Cleveland season 3 billboard
Westerns were back on TV this season compliments of Hell on Wheels on AMC.
Hell on Wheels TV billboard
Meanwhile, A&E wants to creep you out this December with a Stephen King mini-series starring Pierce Brosnan. I loved these Bag of Bones ads, especially the eerie Beware the Lake teaser billboard.
Bag of Bones TV billboard

Book billboards
Gaga book billboard
Finally here's a billboard that could fit into music as well as publishing, for Lady Gaga's behind-the-scenes book, with images captured by Terry Richardson as she travelled all over the world on her Monster Ball Tour.

And that's it for this eclectic collection, be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for even more great visuals gracing L.A.'s skyline and come back next month for another round-up...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Beautiful Santa Monica sunset to end Thanksgiving weekend...

I'm always blown away by the beauty of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.
Beautiful Santa Monica sunset
Like most people, we were making the most of the balmy weather this long Thanksgiving weekend in L.A. and we ventured to Palisades Park with Cooper for a late afternoon stroll (and to walk off all that turkey dinner).
Santa Monica shoreline sunset
Sunset Santa Monica
I suppose all these spectacular sunsets make up for the marine layer and the coolness of living near the ocean the rest of the year.
Santa Monica coast sunset
Sunset Santa Monica California
The colours in the sky really are breathtaking and such an amazing way to say goodbye to the day.
Santa Monica beach sunset
They always say don't point your camera directly at the sun and you never seem to really capture the full spectrum of colour that your eyes see, but you have to admit these photos are still pretty cool.
Santa Monica winter sunset
And when the sun goes down, there's that dusky light which makes for the perfect palm tree lined imagery, which reminds me of Santa Monica so much.
Santa Monica trees at sunset
If you like this sunset, you should also check out these other spectacular sunsets I've captured on my travels.
Santa Monica palms at sunset
Here's also a video of the sun setting over the Pacific for you to enjoy...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

L.A.'s stylish fashion and lifestyle billboards in November...

The months keep rolling by and the skies around L.A. keep changing, continually filled with stylish fashion, beauty and beverage billboards. Here's what vinyl delights November had to offer.

Fashion and beauty billboards
Aldo sequin dress billboard
First up is the latest in ALDO Shoes vibrant campaign, obviously getting ready for the festive party season with that glittering outfit.
Armani Exchange Nov 11 billboard
Armani Exchange mixed things up this month with this bold, red billboard featuring a smattering of hot, young faces.
Gucci Nov 2011 billboard
Further along Sunset Boulevard, Gucci seems to have forgotten Winter and moved on to Spring fashion with this billboard featuring model Karmen Pedaru.
CK One haircut billboard
Meanwhile, Calvin Klein continues to update its favourite L.A. billboard location with different creatives from its CK One Box campaign. At least this one with the model with the striking fringe is quite arresting.
Michael Kors underwear billboard
Speaking of eye-catching billboards, Michael Kors wasn't afraid to heat things up along Sunset Plaza with these sexy men's underwear billboards.
Michael Kors fragrance billboard
And not to make anyone feel left out, he followed up with this equally provocative ad for his signature fragrance, also starring Karmen Pedaru (she's obviously in demand this season).
Joe's Jeans Fifty-five colours billboard
Next up is a slightly less striking billboard for Joe's Jeans than their recent ads.
Tiffany rings billboard
And finally for fashion, it's that time of year again when thoughts turn to Christmas presents and it looks like Tiffany & Co has the prefect jewelry accessories.

Drinks billboard
Stoli Chocolat Razberi billboard
You can also tell the party season is fast approaching with the abundance of alcohol billboards lining the skies. Stoli has two billboards in close proximity, one for its indulgent looking Chocolat Razberi flavour and the other for its classic vodka.
Stoli Vodka billboard
Not to be outdone, Ketel One has returned to the streets of L.A. with their 'Gentlemen, this is vodka' campaign, including this collection along Melrose Avenue.
Ketel One Vodka billboards
Stoli and Ketel One are obviously trying to create a certain cachet around their brands, whilst budget brand Wodka Vodka fails miserably with their latest billboard. They lost me at 'reality star'.
Movie star Wodka billboard
Luckily Hennessy knows how to create a quality feel for its cognac brand and sported another giant billboard on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood this month.
Hennessy Cognac billboard
I'm not a beer drinker, but this Coors Light billboard also caught my eye with its sporty theme.
Coors Light Beer billboard
And who says that good things can't come in small packages.
Mini Coke billboard
I love this ad for Coke mini-size cans, although I'm not sure anyone pours their drink as perfectly as this hand model.

Food billboards
Target fresh food billboard
I was in two minds about posting this billboard for Target after their donations to anti-gay politicians, but I wanted to be representative of the billboards around L.A., and to point out that their ads bare more than a passing resemblance to Ralphs food offering with the simple red and white creative.

Campaign billboards
Hollywood Bully free billboard
I loved the sentiment behind this anti-bullying billboard in Hollywood. I'm not sure who's responsible for the message, but I like the eye-catching creative treatment.
Nice Day LA smiley bilboard
And finally for this round-up, this smiley face billboard from iKahan Media certainly brought a smile to my face when I saw it.

Be sure to check out more fantastic fashion and lifestyle billboards at Daily Billboard every day and 'Have a nice day L.A.!', indeed...

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