Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Halloween, another carved pumpkin...

Happy belated Halloween.
Halloween pumpkinWith half marathons distracting me in the run up to Halloween my pumpkin carving was a last minute thing this year.
Carved Halloween pumpkin 2011
Anyway, here is my effort for this year which I felt had a sci-fi theme, especially as the crest at the top was inspired by Marvel Comics space-bound heroes, Nova and Starlord.
Halloween pumpkin garden lights
What do you think? Personally I think it doesn't look as good illuminated as I'd hoped.
Halloween carved pumpkin
Here's last year's Jack O' Lanterns to compare it to and 2009's carved Halloween pumpkins.
Fireplace Halloween pumpkin
Mind you, putting it behind the mesh fireguard in the fireplace added an extra dimension to it.
Carved Halloween pumpkin
You forget how long it takes to scoop out all the innards and carve these things. Next year I'll be sure to allow more time and make multiple designs again.
Halloween Jack O'Lantern
Until then, now that Halloween is over, let the rest of the holiday season begin...

P.S. Come back tomorrow for fantastic photos from this year's West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.

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