Friday, November 25, 2011

Are you a Labrador Lover...?

Do you love Labradors as much as I do? Well here's your chance to own your very own customized 'Labrador Lover' t-shirt featuring none other than Cooper our English Yellow Labrador.

Are you a Labrador Lover?
Labrador Lover
Those nice people at offered me two t-shirts, allowing me to design them how I wanted them to look, to be auctioned to raise money for my AIDS Project Los Angeles fundraising.
Labrador Lover t-shirts
Of course I chose to make Cooper the star, knowing his hundreds of fans out there would approve, and hopefully be interested in owning these unique t-shirts.

T-shirt front
Jason Labrador Lover
I have two t-shirts up for grabs - one is a standard unisex size Small and one is size Medium. Both are red with a picture of Cooper on the front in full colour, with white text on the back.

T-shirt back
Labrador Lover t-shirt
It was so simple to create the design through ooShirts website. You can print text in as many colours as you'd like, or even use an image in full colour like I did. There's the option to print just on the front of the shirt, or do both and have something back and front.

You can also choose from lots of different shirt styles, from t-shirts to sweatshirts and hoodies.
Labrador Lover t-shirt
Before your order is processed, someone at their end checks your design to make sure it looks and will print ok and before you know it, your t-shirts are on their way in the mail to you.
Labrador Lover t-shirt back
It's a great, easy way to create custom shirts and their prices seem more than reasonable too. Check out the website today.

So, for these one-of-kind t-shirts (or technically two-of-a-kind), that would make the perfect festive gift, I'm asking for a starting bid of $10 per shirt. The highest bids will be donated to my L.A. Marathon fundraising for AIDS Project L.A., last year I raised $2,800 for this worthy cause when I ran the 26.2 miles in monsoon conditions.

You can email your bids to me at stating your choice of size and how much you'd be willing to donate. The t-shirts will go to the highest bidder and your t-shirt will be sent to you in the mail.
Yellow Labrador Cooper
How can you resist that face...

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