Monday, November 28, 2011

Beautiful Santa Monica sunset to end Thanksgiving weekend...

I'm always blown away by the beauty of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica.
Beautiful Santa Monica sunset
Like most people, we were making the most of the balmy weather this long Thanksgiving weekend in L.A. and we ventured to Palisades Park with Cooper for a late afternoon stroll (and to walk off all that turkey dinner).
Santa Monica shoreline sunset
Sunset Santa Monica
I suppose all these spectacular sunsets make up for the marine layer and the coolness of living near the ocean the rest of the year.
Santa Monica coast sunset
Sunset Santa Monica California
The colours in the sky really are breathtaking and such an amazing way to say goodbye to the day.
Santa Monica beach sunset
They always say don't point your camera directly at the sun and you never seem to really capture the full spectrum of colour that your eyes see, but you have to admit these photos are still pretty cool.
Santa Monica winter sunset
And when the sun goes down, there's that dusky light which makes for the perfect palm tree lined imagery, which reminds me of Santa Monica so much.
Santa Monica trees at sunset
If you like this sunset, you should also check out these other spectacular sunsets I've captured on my travels.
Santa Monica palms at sunset
Here's also a video of the sun setting over the Pacific for you to enjoy...

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