Saturday, November 5, 2011

The horror and glamour of West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval...

This week you've seen the superheroes, the drag queens and drama at this year's West Hollywood Annual Halloween Carnaval, now it's the turn of the horror and the fiendish ghouls that took to the streets.

The dead walk along Santa Monica Boulevard
Brain Freeze zombie West Hollywood Halloween
This year Santa Monica Boulevard was invaded by zombies, I'm sure in no small part due to the popularity of the fantastic TV show The Walking Dead. This humorous 'Brain Freeze' creation was one my favourite costumes.

Mr & Mrs Serial Killer
West Hollywood Halloween Chainsaw couple
This creepy couple were dragging a cart full of dismembered body parts behind them to complete their psycho killer look.

Zombie bride and groom
West Hollywood Halloween zombie bride
In addition to all the zombies, be they staggering around on their own, or as a grisly couple, I loved this take on 'Pennywise' the sadistic clown from Stephen King's 'It'.

Pennywise clown costume
West Hollywood Halloween IT clown
Amongst the 500,000 or so Carnaval goers there's always some great group and matching costumes and I thought these creepy twin maids costumes were great.
West Hollywood Halloween creepy maids
Then there's always even more disturbing looks, for all the wrong reasons, to make you smile.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval horror
One thing that always surprises and slightly concerns me is how many people bring their dogs to such a crowded event. I bet they are terrified by all the noise and strange goings on.
West Hollywood Halloween candelabra costume
I even worry about the very young children at the costume parade, especially as there can be some pretty risque outfits on display (although I'm not that much of a prude that I lose any sleep over it).

Halloween mummies
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Mummies
And if you thought those costumes were scary, here's the ultimate horror for some people, a whole gathering of Teletubbies. Eh-Oh!

Over the Hollywood Hills and far away,
the Teletubbies come out to play
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Teletubbies
Teletubbies West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
Here's a selection of some other great costumes that were out and about haunting Santa Monica Boulevard on Monday night.
West Hollywood Halloween costumes 2011
I'm always in awe of people's creativity at Halloween, especially those who haven't relied on a shop bought costume.

Madame de Pompadour dresses
West Hollywood Halloween pompadour dressWest Hollywood Halloween Carnaval costumes
There's always a smattering of period costumes, from 18th century gowns to elaborate regal attire.

A right royal pair
West Hollywood Halloween royalty
Obviously the movies of Hollywoodland is always a great source of costume inspiration.

Villainous Voldemort
Voldemort West Hollywood Halloween
Harry Potter's arch-enemy, 'Voldemort', was certainly playing his part for the crowds and the cameras.

The Little Mermaid's Ursula
West Hollywood Halloween Disney Ursula
As well as some Disney Princesses, there were also a few classic villains too, like 'Ursula' from The Little Mermaid.

Black and White swans
Black swan costumes WEHO Halloween Carnaval
I also saw a lot of ballet outfits inspired by Natalie Portman's Black Swan, in twisted, dark and light, white versions.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Unicorns
Being in the heart of gay West Hollywood, there's always those willing to show off their gorgeous bodies, with that old adage 'less is more'.

Roman Centurions
WEHO Halloween Carnaval Romans
And then there's always the performance artists who love to play a part. I'm sure this scarecrow stayed in the same position for hours as we walked up and down the busy Boulevard.

Scarecrow costume
West Hollywood Halloween scarecrow
Every year there are brilliant themed groups, like these Flintstones inspired caveman costumes, plus annual favourites like the Tina Turner troupe return to entertain the masses.

Cavemen group costumes
West Hollywood Halloween cavemen
Then there's always those who bring some old school Hollywood glamour to the proceedings.

Marilyn Monroe brings some Hollywood Halloween glamour
WEHO Halloween Carnaval Marilyn Monroe
I'm sure these costumes will provide some costume inspiration for next Halloween, and if you like these be sure to also check out the costumes from West Hollywood's 2010 Halloween Carnaval too.

There really should be more reasons to dress up in costume don't you think...

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