Friday, November 11, 2011

New York's fashion and lifestyle billboards in November...

The L.A. skyline may possess a wealth of fantastic billboards, but I always enjoy visiting Manhattan and seeing what billboards New York City has to offer with its towering skyscrapers and jam-packed Times Square with all those ads fighting to be noticed.

Here's a collection of billboards from the worlds of fashion, beauty, fragrance, drinks and more, that my magpie eye spied.

Fashion and beauty billboards
Maybelline lips billboard
Whenever I think of New York I always think of fashion, especially because you need a different wardrobe for every season, whilst in L.A. you can pretty much survive all year around in shorts and a t-shirt.

I love this Maybelline cosmetics billboard with its glittering, luscious lips for New York Fashion Week.
Michael Kors men's underwear billboard
Another favourite was this super-sized, sexy billboard for Michael Kors men's underwear. I'm always a sucker for perfect pecs and abs, and a mono advert.
Izod fashion billboard
Beside that male model billboard was this other striking, patriotic billboard for Izod luxury sportswear (you have to forgive the strategic placement of the street-lighting in front of the gentleman's tight-fitting trousers).
Nike outrun weather billboard
It was New York Marathon weekend so there were lots of brands with ads taking advantage of this huge event in the running calendar, like this billboard for Nike clothing. 'Outrun the weather', indeed. Nice sentiment, but tried that at the L.A. Marathon this year. It didn't work.
Giant CK One Box billboard NYC
Down in Soho I snapped this super-sized billboard for CK One's Box campaign.
Ebay fashion billboard
And I also captured this billboard for Ebay's fashion offering. Fashion literally at your fingertips.

Fragrance billboards
FCUK Friction fragrance billboard NYC
French Connection is back in a big way with this raunchy ad for its new fragrance for him and her, FCUK Friction, which really stood out, even up high in Times Square.
Ed Hardy Villain fragrance billboard
Whilst Ed Hardy also sexed up their billboard for their Villain fragrance.

Technology billboards
Apple iPad billboards NYC
The Apple store in the Meatpacking District had these simple and stylish billboards for the iPad 2 above it, which I'm sure will be on many people's wishlist this Christmas.

Drinks billboards
Skyy Vodka Soho billboard
Skyy Vodka's sexy red patent leather heels were kicking up a storm in Soho and looking so striking against that clear, blue Easy Coast sky. If you like this, be sure to take a look at these other cool Skyy Vodka billboard creatives.
Figenza Vodka billboard NYC
I've never heard of Figenza Vodka, but I captured this colourful billboard from the High Line park, which is really a tourist trap these days and not such a relaxing place to stroll anymore at the weekend.
Ketel One Gentlemen vodka billboard
I also spied this ad for Ketel One's 'Gentlemen, this is vodka' campaign. You can also check out more Ketel One billboards from around L.A. at my Daily Billboard blog.

Charity billboards
Breast Cancer billboard NYC
This Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign billboard is certain to turn heads with its nakedness, but it's very tastefully done and does the job for such a worthy cause.
Sportsmanship Values billboard
I also like the sentiment behind this 'Sportsmanship' billboard for helping to foster a belief in charitable actions, common decency and values in today's modern society.

Media brands billboards
Time overeducated billboard
And finally I thought this Time billboard about 'Generation Y Millennials' was very witty and pardon the pun, timely - 'Overeducated, underemployed and wildly optimistic'.

Be sure to also check out these Broadway musical billboards from around Times Square and come back soon for New York's TV, movie and entertainment billboards at the start of November...

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