Sunday, November 6, 2011

Running the L.A. Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2011 in pictures...

Today's the New York Marathon and even though I'm not running in the infamous event, I'm actually in New York this weekend.

Roll 'n' Roll L.A. Half Marathon start at 7:30am
LA Rock'n'Roll half marathon start 2011
It brings back memories of my Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon from October 30 last weekend in Downtown L.A. (can you spot me in that starting pack, I'm about seventh row back on the right).
Jason LA Rock'n'Roll half marathon 2011
Here's some official race photos from my fourth half marathon and second L.A. Rock 'n' Roll Half, although this year it started and ended near L.A. Live, rather than starting in Griffith Park and ending Downtown.
Running LA Rock'n'Roll half marathonLA Rock'n'Roll half marathon 2011
It was another hard race, especially after starting the week with a cold, and my official time was 1:38:55, about a minute faster than the previous year, but not beating my Personal Best from the Disneyland Half Marathon this year of 1:37:00.
Jason runs Rock'n'Roll LA Half Marathon 2011
This year the 13.1 mile course looped back on itself so you ended up running back past the 9,000 or so other fun runners following behind at a slower pace, which was quite motivating considering there wasn't much in the way of local support along the course like there is along the streets of Anaheim for the Disneyland Half Marathon or from stadium to sea for the L.A. Marathon.

Race for the Finish Line
LA Rock'n'Roll half marathon Jason
This year there was a killer hill at mile 9 and 10, which seemed like a really nasty place to have it, which really took a lot of my last reserves and certainly destroyed any chance of me beating my Personal Best. The only consolation was the spectacular view of the Downtown city skyline when you got to the top and ran back along the bridge heading towards the Finish Line.

Jason crossing the Finish Line
LA Rock'n'Roll half marathon finish 2011
Rock'n'Roll LA Half Marathon finish
Next on the agenda is the L.A. Marathon on March 18, 2012, which I'll be training with T2: Team to End Aids (hence my running vest to raise awareness) and running to benefit AIDS Project L.A. again, so please DONATE TODAY if you can.

Another half marathon, another medal
After LA Rock'n'Roll half marathon
Then assuming I survive my second marathon, my next 13.1 mile competitive race will be the all-new Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7, 2012, when I'll be running along the legendary Walk of Fame.

Finally check out this video of my race.
Better keep on running...

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