Friday, November 4, 2011

Sci-fi, comic book and fantasy heroes of West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval...

Superheroes were once again a popular costume choice at West Hollywood's Annual Halloween Carnaval, spurred on by the big screen success of Marvel Comics Thor and Captain America movies, and even cinematic flops like DC Comics Green Lantern.

Wonder Woman and her amazing friends
WEHO Halloween painted muscle superheroes
This buff Captain America and Green Lantern didn't even need a costume, they just relied on a lot of body-paint and muscles of steel.

West Hollywood Carnaval superheroes 2011
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval heroes 2011
If there's one thing to depend upon amongst the 500,000 Carnaval party goers, there's always someone ready to jump in and ruin a good picture (it's especially annoying when they are not even in costume).

Miss America and Captain America costumes
West Hollywood Halloween Captain America
It's always sweet to see couples dressed in matching costumes, like this patriotic sentinels of liberty.
West Hollywood Spider-people
West Hollywood Halloween Spider-people
He has a new movie coming next year, but Spider-man is always a favourite, whether it be his red and blue suit or his alien black tights. Obviously it always helps to have a Spider-Woman partner in crime-fighting.

Loki and Thor costumes
WEHO Halloween Loki and Thor costumes
There was even the yin and yang of arch-enemies at the costume parade, like the scheming Loki and his heroic half-brother, Thor.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Robins
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Robins
Batman's Boy Wonder, Robin, is always a popular choice too, whatever version of his costume takes your fancy.

Wonder Woman teams up with the Bat Girls
Batgirl West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2011West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval heroines
I may have made it my mission to track down all the Wonder Women at this year's Halloween Carnaval, but there were also more than a few Bat Girls along Santa Monica Boulevard.

She-Ra and Wonder Woman costumes
She-Ra West Hollywood Halloween costume
Speaking of heroines, 80's Princess of Power, 'She-Ra', was also patrolling West Hollywood on All Hallow's Eve. It's a shame she didn't have a matching 'He-Man' partner to compliment the cartoon classic look.

The Monarch's Henchman costumes
Venture Bros Monarch henchmen costumes
I also thought these henchmen costumes from The Venture Bros animated TV show were pretty fantastic.

Doctor Who costumes
WEHO Halloween Dr Who costumes
It was pretty cool to see this group dressed in outfits inspired by British sci-fi classic, Doctor Who, at the Carnaval. They make for a pretty cool TARDIS, Dalek and fez-wearing Matt Smith 'Doctor'.

Tron: Legacy's Quorra costume
Quorra Tron West Hollywood Halloween costume
Keeping with the sci-fi theme, there were also more than a few light-suits from Tron illuminating the Boulevard.

Star Wars Princess Leia
Princess Leia West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
And this drag Princess Leia look was hilarious, totally working those iconic hair-buns and blaster.

Smurfette wasn't feeling blue
Smurfette West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval
With The Smurfs in cinemas this summer there were lots of blue-skinned little people in attendance too, but having far too much fun to feel blue.

Halloween host of avenging angels
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval angelWest Hollywood Halloween Carnaval angelWest Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Archangel
And finally, what's a Carnaval without a host of Halloween angels. Obviously having a fantastic body to carry of those impressive wings is always a bonus.

If you've spotted yourself in any of these photos let me know who you were and come back tomorrow for even more cool costumes from West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval 2011...

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