Thursday, November 3, 2011

West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval divas, drag and drama queens...

Monday night may already start to feel a bit like a distant memory, but here's some photographic evidence of all the divas, drag and drama queens at 2011's Halloween Carnaval in West Hollywood.

A right royal West Hollywood Queen
Queen costume WEHO Halloween Carnaval
This was my fourth Halloween in L.A. and I have to say not being on a weekend made for a calmer start to the festivities, although by 10.30pm it was the usual carnage of half a million people partying along Santa Monica Boulevard.

Halloween drag and drama
WEHO Halloween Carnaval costume drama
Each year there's always fantastic topical costumes inspired by the news and events around the world, in the past it's been 'Balloon Boy' and 'Chilean Miners', whilst 'Occupy West Hollywood' was the big winner this year (the best of these was a fun 'Occupy Sesame Street' group, which I sadly failed to photograph).

Occupy WEHO
Occupy West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2011
Another politically motivated costume choice was inspired by the repeal of 'Don't ask, Don't tell' in the U.S. Military, making it legal for gay servicemen and women to serve their country openly.

Do ask, Do tell
Rather than the usual ghosts, ghouls and witches, the Halloween Carnaval is the chance for people to dress as their favourite celebrities or those making headlines.

West Hollywood Lady Gagas
Lady Gaga WEHO Halloween Carnaval
WEHO Halloween Lady Gagas
Singers like Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga continue to be popular, whilst Katy Perry's unique wardrobe choices make her fun to emulate.

Katy Perry cupcake costume
WEHO Halloween Katy Perry costume
Personally I thought this take on singing sensation, Adele, was spectacular. Some people just know how to work that camera and strike a pose.

Adele impersonator
Adele costume WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2011
In addition to solo stars, there were also homages to dance acts like LMFAO.

LMFAO Party Rockers
LMFAO West Hollywood Carnaval 2011Plus outfits inspired by the Disco 70's and Hippy 60's were also in abundance on the night.

Dazzling disco costumes
WEHO Halloween Carnaval disco
In addition to all the faux-celebs, there was an actual real life pop star performing on stage in the form of the Swedish singer, Robyn.

Robyn performed on stage at
West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval
Robyn plays WEHO Halloween CarnavalRobyn sings WEHO Halloween Carnava
In addition to music, television shows were a great source of inspiration this year, with Pan Am flight attendants walking the Boulevard in their pearls and regulation heels.

Pan Am stewardess costumes
West Hollywood Halloween Pan Am costume
Pan Am costume WEHO Halloween Carnaval
This year The Walking Dead, one of my favourite shows at the moment, seemed to have been a real influence as zombies abounded everywhere (although more on those creative costumes in the days to come).

Julia Child homage
Julia Child WEHO Halloween Carnaval
Another costume that made me smile was this Julia Child mash-up with Pan Am airline food.

The other West Hollywood Jesus
WEHO Halloween Carnaval Jesus
Then there were a few biblical figures of note, a big baby or two and of course, everyone loves a sailor in uniform.

Big Baby costume
Baby costume WEHO Halloween

West Hollywood sailors
WEHO Halloween Carnaval sailors
I also spotted more than a few 'Russells' from Disney/Pixar's UP at this year's costume parade, it's understandable as it's such a fun look with all those colourful balloons.

Russell from UP
Russell Up costume WEHO Halloween costume
Then there was the real drama. I may have dressed up as Wonder Woman this year, but these lovely ladies known how to drag it up in style.

Wonder Woman and her fabulous friends
WEHO Halloween Carnaval dragDrag WEHO Halloween Carnaval
With the thousands of people in attendance, getting drunker and rowdier as the evening progresses, I'm always amazed at how quickly they clean up the Boulevard after events like this and Gay Pride. Just think, all those feathers, sequins and glitter have to go somewhere.

West Hollywood glamour
Drag wigs WEHO Halloween Carnaval 2011West Hollywood Halloween pink glamour
As you can see, people go to so much time and effort to make themselves look fabulous for one night and they're also amazingly creative too.

Halloween cheer
WEHO Halloween FU Cheerleader
The important thing is everyone seems to have fun and I can't wait to see what sights next year's Halloween Carnaval will bring.

Until then, stick around for more great costumes from this year in the days to come...

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