Saturday, December 24, 2011

8 miles and a very special Merry Christmas Eve message...

Merry Christmas Eve!
T2 APLA fundraising
I'm sure lots of people are relaxing into the festive spirit today, but my fellow T2: Team to End AIDS runners and I have been running an 8 mile recovery run this morning for our L.A. Marathon training (in case you were wondering the recovery run was for last weekend's 12 miles).

These days my life is almost unrecognisable and all about foam-rolling, deep-tissue massages, fruity gels, stretching, running injuries, ice-packs, epsom salt and ice baths.
Jason T2 marathon training
Whilst everyone has been tucking into another sneaky mince pie or glass of eggnog, we've been sweating away so that we can run a 26.2 mile marathon next March and raise money for AIDS Project L.A.

So far we've collectively raised over $160,000 (more like $170,000 I'm told) from generous donations from friends, family and fundraising events.
T2 festive running fundraising
I've already raised $1,150 this year and hope to increase this further in the New Year with all your support.

Please donate so we can help end HIV/AIDS, because 30 years of this horrible disease is more than enough.

I'd personally like to thank all these superstars who have supported my fundraising efforts so far this season - Charlie & Cooper, my Mum & Dad, Lee, Julie, Lauren & Evan, Joe & Les, Mike, Justin, Jay, Gavin, Jeremy, Brad & Casey, Tom, Trey, Craig, Barry, Marci, Caroline, Hannah and Richard & Simon.

Your continued support is really appreciated and makes all the pain and running injuries worthwhile, especially knowing that I'm helping someone who can't run themselves.
Leave presents here festive bauble
I hope Santa is very kind to you all this year...

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