Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift-wrapped presents of Christmases past...

I'm just about to embark upon this year's gift-wrapping extravaganza and thought I'd share some previous colour schemes from Christmases past in case you needed some wrapping inspiration or just simply to get you in the festive spirit.

Christmas 2010
Christmas gift-wrapped presents 2010Christmas presents 2010Wrapped Christmas gifts 2010
As you can see, Christmas is a time to spoil the ones you love rotten.

Christmas 2009
Wrapped Xmas gifts 2009Christmas gifts 2009Christmas presents 2009
Looking at all these presents, it also reminds me how lucky I am and makes me feel even more determined to be running my second marathon for others not as fortunate as myself, to raise money for AIDS Project L.A.

Christmas 2008
Wrapped Christmas gifts 2008Wrapped Christmas presents 2008Christmas gifts 2008
I've not been able to find photos for every Christmas, but the advent of digital cameras and larger computer memory has certainly made the storage of pictures much easier in recent years.

Christmas 2007
Christmas presents 2007
All these wrapped presents do bring back wonderful memories though and there's nothing quite like seeing a pile of gifts on Christmas morning to take you back to your childhood.

Christmas 2005
Wrapped Christmas gifts 2005Wrapped Christmas presents 2005
There've been very few years that my partner Charlie and I have had similar gift-wrap schemes. In fact it's half the fun discovering what gift-wrapping paper, bows and ribbons we've both chosen for each other each year.

Christmas 2004
Xmas gifts 2004
Now that I'm feeling more festive, I wonder what 2011 has in store. Lots of glitter, tinsel and sparkle hopefully...

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