Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Boxing Day, let's do it all again...

Boxing Day is another excuse to indulge your festive fancies and enjoy another day of turkey dinners, Christmas pudding and good wine (in our household at least).
Christmas wreath
The only main difference today is that there are no more presents to open, although we can't complain with all the lovely gifts we were all fortunate to receive yesterday.

Christmas presents 2011
Wrapped Christmas presents 2011Christmas presents 2011Green, white and black wrapped Christmas gifts
Even Cooper had a wonderful of array of treats and toys, some even shipped all the way from the other side of the Atlantic, plus his first reindeer antler to chew on.

Cooper's Christmas stocking and presents
Cooper's stocking and presents
I surprised Charlie with a customised throw featuring our Hollywood Hound, as you can see Cooper was excited about it too.
Labrador Cooper blanket
Cooper's now seen his face grace chocolates, wine, a t-shirt and a blanket. It's obviously a merchandising empire in the making.
Christmas hat Cooper
After a leisurely morning of opening presents, enjoying a glass or two of champagne, it was time to enjoy our Christmas dinner (our turkey alone could have fed a small army, rather than just the two of us).

Christmas dinner
Christmas turkey dinner
After an early start thanks to Cooper at 5.20am, the excitement of all the gift-giving and food preparation, it wasn't long before Christmas Day claimed its first victims.

Exhausted by the day's festivities
Sleepy Labrador
Sleepy Christmas Jason
We ate, we drank, we were very merry. Job done for another year...

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