Wednesday, December 28, 2011

L.A.'s memorable charity, fashion and lifestyle billboards in December...

There's been a real mixed bag of billboards around L.A. in December, with an eclectic assortment of ads for festive fashion, fragrances, food, drinks, gift ideas and more besides.

Charity and cause-related billboards
Kim Kardashian Peta anti-fur billboard
First up is a bit of a headline grabber. I don't especially like giving Kim Kardashian any more free press than she already gets, but it's gratifying for someone to call her out for her appalling fur-wearing antics. Those people at PETA certainly don't pull their punches, but let's face it, sadly any publicity is good for publicity for fame-hungry reality 'stars'.
AIDS Life Cycle 2012 billboard
Next up is new creative for the AIDS LifeCycle which sees an army of cyclists ride hundreds of miles from San Francisco to L.A. to raise essential funds for HIV/AIDS charities in the two cities.

Fashion and beauty billboards
Festive Banana Republic 2011 billboard
This month Banana Republic has really made the skies of the City of Angels feel festive with their Christmas campaign billboards. Be sure to check out all the holiday creatives at my Daily Billboard blog.
UGG Men boot billboard
UGG has launched a range for men and has been plugging the brand's boots and slippers with some manly, rugged ad creatives in December.
Guess Seductive Homme billboard
Guess is following that old adage that 'sex sells' and using a buff male model's rippling torso to market their latest fragrance, Seductive Homme. Based on this sexy ad creative, I'm sure there will have been a few bottles of the cologne added to men's Christmas stockings this season.
Aldo Matthew Gray Gubler billboard
Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler continues to be the 'face', or is that 'feet', of Aldo Shoes, with this festive red billboard.
Tiffany Co rings billboard
Tiffany & Co. know it's the perfect time of year to advertise their luxury jewelry. I mean who wouldn't want a huge gem sparkling on their finger this festive season.
Michael Kors sunglasses billboard
Meanwhile Michael Kors opted to promote their sunglasses and wristwatch offerings this month, more great gift ideas.
Stlye website page views billboard
You don't often see advertising for fashion magazines or websites, but what's interesting is is promoting its new print magazine, which normally happens the other way around in the publishing world.
Bedhead pajamas billboard
And finally for fashion, you can tell it's the gift-giving time of year when you see quirky ads like BedHead Pajamas around town.

Finance billboards
Giant Citi phone credit card billboard
This giant billboard for Citi Mastercard isn't the most visually exciting, but it's interesting from the perspective that before long we'll all be using our smart phones to pay for things instead of carrying separate credit cards.
Bad or good billboard
I also like this clever festive themed billboard from Wells Fargo for its account alerts service.

Technology billboards
Sonos Listen out loud billboard
This super-sized billboard for the Sonos wireless HiFi system was really an eye-cather with its unique visual along the Sunset Strip.
Fandango movie app billboard
Meanwhile Fandango advertised its mobile movie app in its own inimitable style.
HTC rezound billboard
And HTC Rezound makes a spectacle of itself with this huge billboard promoting the smart phone's sound credentials in time for Christmas.

Food and drink billboards
Filippo Berio billboard
It's certainly been the month to eat, drink and be merry and one of my favourite billboards was this one for Filippo Berio olive oil, which wittily used the advertising format to great effect.
Baileys Pure Holiday Joy billboard
This festive billboard for Baileys also managed to capture that indulgent seasonal spirit in December.
Remy Martin Robin Thicke billboard
Whilst Remy Martin encouraged party goers to choose their tipple with an endorsement by the handsome singer, Robin Thicke.
Coke polar bear billboard 2011
And Coke abandoned their traditional Santa Claus advertising in favour of saving polar bears this year, fortunately their billboards were still instantly recognisable with their red and white brand colours.

Travel billboards
Jet Blue bag free billboard
This special extension billboard for Jet Blue was quite clever, although I'm still shocked that airlines expect you to pay for your luggage when you fly.
Grand Renovations website billboard
This huge billboard for The Grand Renovation website arrived in December, you'd think just in time for people needing inspiration a fresh new look for the New Year, but it's actually to advertise the major renovation at the MGM Grand hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Health billboards
New Love HIV test straight billboard
This AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboard targeting straight sexual partners to get a free HIV test, which is great to see as it doesn't just affect the gay community.
Santa getting ready GNC billboardAnd finally, this jolly Santa appeared in November for GNC, but couldn't help but save him until this Christmas round-up.

As you can see there's been a real variety of billboards this month to close out the year, here's hoping 2012 will continue to bring even more interesting sights.

Until then be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day...

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