Friday, December 23, 2011

Vintage Cooper bottled...

We've always known that Cooper was a rare vintage, but now it turns out his fine Labrador spirit has been bottled.
Vintage Cooper wine
Charlie was given this thoughtful 'Cooper-fied' gift by a friend - 2007 Rescue Red Reserve. Not only is it yummy red wine from California, but 10% of the profits going to dog rescue groups.
Antibes dog reindeer antlers
Meanwhile, whilst Cooper has been decorating wine bottles, his pals at Runyon Canyon have been playing dress up as festive reindeers. Here's Antibes and Bella auditioning to pull Santa's sleigh this weekend.
Bella dog reindeer antlers
Cooper was having none of it this morning and just wanted to chew the antlers, but if you want to see how cute Cooper looks in reindeer antlers check out these festive photos from Christmases past.

So Cooper has now seen his face on M&M's and a bottle of wine, I wonder what will be next...

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