Tuesday, December 20, 2011

West Hollywood's illuminated fountains at the Pacific Design Center...

For a while now whenever I drive by or walk past with Cooper, I always think I really must take some photos of those fountains outside the Pacific Design Center as they look so cool at night. So I did.
Pacific Design Center illuminated fountains
In my opinion, at this time of year their red hue also adds some festive cheer to West Hollywood too.
Red fountains Pacific Design Center
They don't dance to music like the fountains at The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, or the mini-version at The Grove, but they still look pretty spectacular rising and falling in their triangular pattern.
Pacific Design Center fountains at night
I've only ever seen them illuminated in red, maybe to match the new red building at the Pacific Design Center, but I'm sure they could light them up in any colour they like.
Pacific Design Center night fountains
In fact, it would be great to see some rainbow colours for Pride.
Pacific Design Center night fountains
Being a Labrador, Cooper is always fascinated by the fountains, or anything to do with H2O for that matter, and would like nothing better than to splash right through this watery display.
Night fountains Pacific Design Center
For now we'll just stick to admiring the fountains and feeling festive...

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