Friday, January 27, 2012

And the medal goes to...

As my excitement grows for the L.A. Marathon (it's only 51 days away), I was suddenly reminded of all my race medals languishing at the bottom of a draw somewhere and lot it would be fun to revisit them.

My running medals to date
Running medals
I've never been that much of a sporty person, so it's quite a surprise and an accomplishment that I now find myself the proud owner of these shiny awards of ribbon and metal.

Disneyland Half Marathon medals
Disneyland Half Marathon medals
The one that started it all was this Mickey Mouse medal for the 5th Annual Disneyland Half Marathon at the theme park in Anaheim in September 2010, followed last year by the golden 2011 fairytale castle medal.

Rock'n' Roll Half Marathon medals
Rock n Roll LA Half Marathon medals
In preparation for my first marathon I also ran the inaugural Rock 'n' Roll L.A. Half Marathon in October 2010, which was far too hilly for my liking. Fortunately they changed the course so there wasn't so much of an incline the second year, but instead added a massive hill at mile nine to totally defeat my legs.

T2 and L.A. Marathon 2011 medals
LA Marathon 2011 medals
Last March I ran my first ever marathon, for charity and in the pouring rain no less, and so I feel I totally earned this finisher medal.

This year I'm training again with T2: Team to End AIDS and I am fundraising for AIDS Project L.A. once more.

100th Bay to Breakers 12k medal
100th Bay to Breakers 12k medalIn May 2011 I ran my second Bay to Breakers 12k race, which was the 100th anniversary of the fun run through the streets of San Francisco. I was dressed as Wonder Woman, so this makes this medal even more memorable, especially as they only usually have commemorative t-shirts, not finisher medals.

Going forward the plan is to run more marathons and less shorter races, but we'll see.

I can't wait to run L.A. again on March 18 and then the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7. Plus if my legs can manage it I plan to tackle my first ever San Francisco Marathon on July 29, 2012.

So here's to many more medals for my collection in the future...

2012 running medals
2012 Running medals
UPDATED: Here are some new hard-earned additions to my medal collection from various 2012 races including the my second L.A. Marathon, the inaugural Hollywood Half Marathon and my first San Francisco Marathon.

L.A. and San Francisco Marathon 2012 medals
2012 LA SF Marathon medals
I even received an extra LA/SF Challenge medal for completing consecutive Californian marathons in March and July.

Next on the agenda is my first Honolulu Marathon in December. Until then, Aloha...


Jason said...

You have a very impressive collection of marathon memories and medals. I only have one so far (2012 San Diego Rock 'N Roll Half-Marathon) but it all starts with one right. Keep on running and congratulations.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks Jason, it does all start with one race. The Bay to Breakers 12k was my first big race (sadly no medal, just a t-shirt), but the Disneyland Half was my first proper half marathon.

It doesn't take long to get bitten by the bug and you're doing your first marathon!

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