Thursday, January 26, 2012

January's coolest TV, movie and radio billboards around L.A...

New year, new billboards, that's what we like. It's television midseason time and so lots of billboards for series premieres, replacements and returning shows around L.A. this month. Plus some new movie billboards to line the city skyline too.

TV billboards
Smash TV billboard
No doubt following in the success of glee's musical format, NBC is trying its luck with its Broadway-inspired show Smash. I'm loving the dramatic and theatrical billboard, but let's wait for the viewer figures before we declare a new star has been born.
Californication season 5 billboard
David Duchovny returns for a fifth season of Californication, with this hip-hop inspired billboard. 'Notorious Hank', indeed.
Spartacus Vengeance Starz billboard
Another returning series is Starz Spartacus, although with a new face as the lead Roman hero.
Spartacus Vengeance billboard
Liam McIntyre does a good job of filling the loincloth of Andy Whitfield, who sadly passed away at a young age from cancer.
Southland season 4 TV billboard
Another returning series is the critically-acclaimed Southland cop show, back for a fourth season with the same creative, but an updated colour scheme for its billboard ad.
Bill Maher Real Time TV billboard
I loved how patriotic this huge Real Time with Bill Maher billboard was, especially fitting for the political nature of his talk show.
Giant LUCK TV billboard
That billboard was replaced by this super-sized ad for Dustin Hoffman's new HBO drama about horse-racing, Luck.
Justified season 3 billboard
A favourite billboard of mine this month was this cool third season creative for Justified. It has that iconic modern cowboy feel.
Hart of Dixie TV billboard
The CW continued to show support for their Rachel Bilson comedy-drama, Hart of Dixie, with this slightly amended billboard for the first season featuring more of the cast.
Dance Moms season 2 Lifetime billboard
There are a few shows that are just 'car-crash television', so bad that you can't help but watch. Fortunately I've never been sucked in by Dance Moms, but I've seen the trailers on Lifetime and the dance instructor seems like a really vile character, although this show seems to be one step away from a child's beauty pageant, which I find disturbing at the best of times.
Being Human US season 2 billboard
It's nice to see a remake of a BBC show getting a second season in the form of Syfy's Being Human. My dilemma now is, as I've never seen the supernatural-themed show but think that I may like it, do I watch the original British series or start over with this American version?
Shipping Wars series premiere billboard
Another fun billboard that appeared before year's end, but has stuck around this month is the series premiere billboard for Shipping Wars, which has a fantastic visual with that giant gnome being towed.
The Hub Januscary billboard
I also loved this 'Januscary' billboard for The Hub kids channel this month, which is very witty and appropriate considering there actually was a spooky Friday 13th in January.
Generale TV billboard
Finally for TV, this billboard for intrigued me. Apparently it's for a forthcoming new channel offering all kinds of programming, including children's shows.

Movie billboards
The Lorax special installation billboard
If there was one billboard that stopped me in my tracks this month, it was this one for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax movie. How amazing is this special installation 3D billboard. I love when I see these cool, attention-grabbing spectacles.
The Lorax movie billboard
The funny thing was, that only days before I'd glimpsed this two dimensional billboard version for the same film and thought it was brilliantly eye-catching too with its vibrant colour and bushy eye-brows peaking over the top of the ad.
Underworld Awakening movie billboard
January seems to be a real month for fantasy movies. Whether it be Legion or Daybreakers from year's past to 2012's Underworld Awakening, the fourth in the franchise luring Kate Beckinsale back into her skintight spandex as the vampire 'Selene'.
Safe House movie billboard
The eyes certainly have it this month and these movie billboards for Denzel Washington's Safe house and Liam Neeson's The Grey made me laugh as they are pretty similar with their face to camera creative.
The Grey movie billboard
I thought this Man on a Ledge billboard was clever, even if it was very literal.
Man on a Ledge billboard
And even though it's had the worst reviews, I still thought this was an appropriately creepy billboard for The Devil Inside. You can't beat a possessed nun for an arresting visual.
The Devil Inside movie billboard
Here's another creative for one of the big Holiday blockbusters, Mission: Impossible 4, which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially for the breathtaking stunts which this billboard clearly conveys.
Ghost Protocol movie billboard
Mark Wahlberg's smuggling action movie, Contraband, opened this month and I snapped this billboard for the movie towering high over Vine Street in Hollywood.
Contraband Mark Wahlberg billboard
And finally this super-sized billboard featuring the profiles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was a welcome addition to the other billboards for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.
Sherlock Holmes 2 billboard

Radio billboards
100.3 FM Sound radio billboard
And it's not often I feature many radio billboard ads (mainly because they don't tend to be very good), but I thought this simple ad for The Sound 100.3 FM really stood out with its vivid colours against that clear California sky.

Be sure to check out Daily Billboard in the coming days for even more great billboards from the new TV midseason and come back next month for another fantastic round-up of the best February has to offer the skies of L.A.

Keep your eyes to the sky...

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