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January's eye-catching fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

Aside from the cool TV and movie billboards, there's been a real eclectic mix of fashion, travel, drinks, cause-related and more ads to kick-start 2012 around L.A.

Cause-related and charity billboards
Mona Lisa Smile Values billboard
Don't you just hate it when someone tells you to smile or to cheer up, or is that just me?

Regardless, I love the sentiment behind this billboard featuring the enigmatic Mona Lisa herself in a campaign from The Foundation for a Better Life. Let's face it, it is much nicer to be greeted with a smile, rather than a grimace or a frown, it just makes your whole day better and lifts your spirits.
HIV bulldog less stress billboard
Aids Healthcare Foundation has been noticeable with these two eye-catching billboards, using the cuteness of a sleeping bulldog and some old-fashioned needlepoint to attract attention for HIV/AIDS awareness.
HIV Stigma Sucks billboard
Meanwhile, actress and TV host Olivia Munn stripped off this month for another billboard in PETA's anti-fur ad campaign.
Olivia Munn PETA fur billboard

Fashion billboards
Sexy Guess beach billboard
This month in fashion, Guess tried to recreate a bit of that Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr beach magic from the 1953 movie 'From Here to Eternity' with their latest black and white billboard.
Miss Me reflection billboard
And even though this billboard from Miss Me fashion brand was hard to get a clear shot of, it still made for an arresting visual with its reflected image theme.
Emporio Armani Jan 2012 billboard
Emporio Armani debuted another chic mono ad this month to kick off the New Year.
Hale Bob Jan 2012 billboard
Meanwhile, Hale Bob's latest ad really brought the feel of Spring with this fresh new billboard for its bright prints and feminine styles.
Giant Christian Louboutin show billboard
Master shoemaker, Christian Louboutin, celebrated 20 years in the business with this vibrant super-sized billboard along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza.
Charles David fashion billboard
And finally, another shoe brand caught me magpie eye this month with this arresting billboard. There's something about the angle of the photograph and the model's styling which I find really captivating.

Drinks billboards
Bacardi regift until empty billboard
The holiday season may be over, but I still love Bacardi's latest ad campaign, including this witty and huge 'Re-gift until empty' creative.
Beau Joie Award yourself billboard
Beau Joie saw in the new year with a fresh creative for its champagne in its usual location along Sunset Boulevard.
Ciroc Vodka smooth billboard
Whilst Ciroc Vodka filled the sky with this colourful cocktail creation that really stands out.

Travel billboards
Peru travel billboard
This vivid billboard for Peru travel really sings out along San Vicente Boulevard in January, the zingy green and piercing eyes of the jungle leopard really drawing you in.
Disney Aulani Hawaii resort billboard
Disney continued to promote its new Hawaiian resort with massive billboards along L.A's infamous Sunset Strip. If you like this tropical spectacle, be sure to also check out this other giant billboard for Disney's Aulani resort from October last year.

Theme park billboards
Disneyland World of Color Buzz Lightyear billboard
Speaking of Disney, Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear returned to the skies this month with this spectacular billboard for the World of Color water and lightshow attraction at Disneyland's California Adventure theme park.

Food billboards
Wendy's W burger billboard
Meanwhile, it's been around for a while, but this burger billboard for Wendy's really stands out. Maybe it's the food pornography quality of the ad, with a burger looking more perfect than I'm sure you'll ever find in a fast food restaurant, but the bright red billboard really stands out.
McDonalds pop goes the chicken billboard
Keeping to the unhealthy food theme, this new billboard for Chicken McBites just seems a bit wrong. That mouth looks really weird and it's almost as if she's projectile vomiting those I-can't-believe-it's-not-chicken pieces. But still, it certainly caught my eye.

Health, fitness and sports billboards
GNC Live Well 2012 billboards
GNC brought a whole new look to its billboards for 2012. Gone are the mono ads, replaced with a bit more colour and slightly more sporty, yet still young and gorgeous, models. Be sure to check out more of the new GNC Live Well ad campaign at my Daily Billboard blog.
Santa Anita horse racing billboard
If you're more an observer than participant, then I'm betting (pun intended) you'll like this horse-racing billboard for the Santa Anita Park race track.

Financial billboards
Mercury Great Agent billboard
It's not often that insurance ads are worth mentioning, but I do like the new Mercury Insurance Group billboards, which are bright and use copy to great effect. Check out these other ads from the Mercury Insurance ad campaign to see what I mean.

Technology and telecoms billboards
Manhunt mobile billboard
For obvious reasons this billboard for Manhunt Mobile, featuring two buff, bare-chested guys about to kiss, stood out. It wasn't that long ago that a story about a similar billboard was picked up by a UK national newspaper, reporting local reaction to this kind of imagery as harmful for kids, or some such nonsense.

Obviously being surrounded by scantily clad Spearmint Rhino and other female stripper gentlemen club ads in the past decades is perfectly acceptable, but when its an ad for a gay adult service suddenly its all corrupting and unacceptable. You can find this billboard along L.A.'s Sunset Strip which is hardly a place for kids anyway.
AT&T 4GLTE Los Angeles billboard
AT&T introduces its new 4G service to L.A. to challenge Verizon no doubt, but I'll hold my breath before I see it in action. I've used AT&T for the past few years and it's a spotty service around Los Angeles at best, although I will say it has improved ever since Verizon introduced their iPhone service in 2011.

Performing Arts billboards
Cirque du Soleil Iris billboard
Cirque du Soleil's Iris show gets a bold new billboard for the New Year, but with all the bankruptcy rumblings at Kodak I wonder how long its performance space will actually be called the 'Kodak Theatre'.

Car billboards
BMWi Born Electric car billboard
I'm not saying that this billboard for BMW is terribly exciting, like most car ads, but isn't that the fab concept car that featured in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol?

Retail billboards
Space 15 Twenty billboard
And finally for this round-up, I thought this eye-catching billboard for the Space 15 Twenty collective of retail stores along North Cahuenga Boulevard was rather unique this month.

As you can see there's been lots of variety to start a brand new year. Let's hope it keeps up throughout 2012.

Keep your eyes peeled to Daily Billboard for the most interesting ad examples every day and come back next month for another round-up of the coolest fashion and lifestyle billboards around L.A...

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