Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lenin's giant head sculpture invades L.A...

It's not often you see a sculpture of a Russian communist politician like Vladimir Lenin on American soil, but this giant bust of the historical figure appeared in December 2011 on the streets of L.A.
Miss Mao Top of Lenin Head sculpture LA
Apparently the impressive shiny sculpture is called 'Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin's Head' and is by the Chinese artist brothers Gao Zehn and Gao Qiang.
Lenin Head sculpture
You can currently find it at La Brea Avenue and 4th Street outside the Ace Museum space, gleaming away when the sun shines with its chrome finish.
Miss Mao Top of Lenin Head sculpture
Miss Mao Top of Lenin Head sculpture LA
Knowing my interest in outdoor sculpture, some friends had mentioned its arrival pre-Christmas, but in the festive madness I'd forgotten about it.
Giant Miss Mao Top of Lenin Head sculpture
Fortunately driving down La Brea Avenue the other day I chanced upon the fun and playful piece myself.
Miss Mao Top of Lenin Head sculpture
Giant Lenin Head sculpture profile
I really like the segmented design and the super reflective surface. You can almost imagine it slowing opening and transforming itself into some super robot from science fiction (well that's how my mind works anyway).
Giant Lenin Head sculpture
Regardless it's a welcome sight on the streets of L.A., even if it feels a bit hidden away...

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