Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's hope 2012 is less disastrous than the movie...

Happy 2012 everyone.
2012 movie billboard
Apparently we were warned what apocalyptic natural disasters could happen this year, but I prefer to be a little more optimistic than the 2012 movie.
2012 JFK aircraft carrier billboard
Personally I'm hoping to run my second ever marathon a little bit faster than last year, and generally be happy and healthy for the foreseeable future. I'm also planning to run the San Francisco Marathon in July and will be trying my luck for the first time with the New York Marathon lottery.
2012 movie poster
I'd like my blogs to continue to get lots of visitors and I have a feeling this will be a big year for my Daily Billboard blog, so check it out.
We Were Warned 2012 billboard
So hopefully Santa Monica won't shelve off into the Pacific Ocean, or Downtown L.A. disappear into a fiery lava pit this year.
2012 film poster
I'm keeping everything crossed anyway.
2012 movie Downtown LA billboard
Happy New Year, let's make it a good one...

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