Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seeing in the New Year at the dog beach...

There's nothing we like better than seeing our Cooper happy, so on New Year's Day we drove to Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara to treat our 'son' to a few hours of fun along the sandy shore.
As you can see he loved every minute and so did we.
Yellow surf Labrador
Being native Brits it's still a novelty for us to simply be able to drive to a lovely beach in a hour or so, especially in the middle of winter.
Shoreline Labrador
So whilst everyone else was nursing a hangover, we were on the road early to beat the traffic.
Hendry's Beach shoreline
It seemed like everyone else had the same idea as the beach was busy with families out for a stroll and dog owners alike.
Yellow beach Labrador Cooper
Hendry's Beach, or Arroyo Burro Beach as it's also known, is one of our favourites within driving distance from West Hollywood, as it had a marvelous stretch of off-leash shoreline to walk and play along.
Labrador Cooper running
We'd forgotten to check the high-tide report, but luckily the tide was out enough for us to stroll some distance along the clean beach.
Hendry's Beach Santa Barbara
I don't know when it exactly happened (although I think it's the influence of his Runyon Canyon dog pal Tikka), but Cooper has turned into a total tennis ball hog and all he really wants to do these day is chase the ball into the surf.
Tennis ball hog Cooper
I'm sure it's just his retriever heritage kicking in, but he also loved to have a bounce around with all the other dogs and now his sole focus tends to be his ball at the beach. But it seems to make him happy.
Labrador Cooper makes waves
We're in the middle of a bit of an unexpected heatwave here in L.A., so it was nice to get away to the cool shore and still enjoy the sunshine on a lovely clear day.
Hendry's Beach shore
I'm sure it won't be the last time we'll be visiting Santa Barbara in 2012, let's hope they are all as beautiful a day as this.
Happy Labrador
What a lovely way to start a fresh new year...

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