Saturday, February 25, 2012

23 miles completed, next stop the L.A. Marathon 2012...

Another day, another 23 miles completed.

Jason after 23 miles in Griffith Park
T2 Jason after 23 miles
Today was our last big training run for the L.A. Marathon 2012, which is only 22 days away.

Finishing the 23 miles
Jason crossing 23 mile finish line
Up at 5am for a misty 6am start the run went well, with only a tight calf muscle cramping towards the end (nothing an ice-bath and a good massage this week won't rectify hopefully).

Over $280,000 raised for AIDS Project L.A. already
APLA fundraising
Fortunately my fantastic T2: Team to End AIDS teammates are a constant source of fun, strength and inspiration, plus the thought that we're raising loads of money for charity is a great motivator to get you through those tough miles.

T2: Team to End AIDS Wall of Heroes 2012
T2 Wall of Heroes
Not only do we get amazing support on our training route, with lots of volunteers up early to offer us water and essential running supplies, but when we returned to Griffith Park this morning we were greeted by a cheering Finish Line, plus our very own Red Carpet and recognition of our efforts on a Wall of Heroes for the 200 runners involved.

I have to say it was quite spectacular, emotional and a real treat.

Jason in Hollywood finds his name on the T2 Wall of Heroes
Jason T2 Wall of Heroes
To date we've collectively generated over $280,000 in fundraising and I've personally raised over $2,400 from donations from friends, family and supporters and I would love to achieve even more if you are able to support AIDS Project Los Angeles.

T2's 9 minute pace group The CatHouse
T2 Team To End AIDS runners 2012
What a fun morning. Now let the final countdown to the L.A. Marathon begin.

If you keep donating, I'll keep running...

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