Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hands up if you like Vancouver...

Shall we put it to a vote? Maybe a Hand Vote, even.

Hand Vote sculpture by Kota Ezawa
Hand Vote Kota Ezawa wood sculpture
I'm loving this painted wood sculpture by Kota Ezawa which appeared outside the Shangri-La Hotel where I'm staying in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Hand Vote Kota Ezawa outdoor sculpture
The fantastic outdoor art installation can be found along West Georgia Street and will remain until September 16, 2012, so it's pretty cool we arrived to see it unveiled today.
Hand Vote Kota Ezawa sculpture Vancouver
Apparently the work symbolizes democracy, because what's more democratic than the ability to vote.

It's always great to discover new art on city streets and I certainly give it the thumbs up (let's just hope it weathers the Winter elements)...

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