Sunday, February 5, 2012

Having a laugh in Vancouver...

My time in Vancouver has come to an end, it's literally flown by, but I've not only accomplished something by running 20 miles around Stanley Park's seawall, but I've also had loads of fun exploring the city again.

Having a laugh with the A-maze-ing Laughter
sculptures by Yue Minjun
A-maze-ing Laughter Jason
One of my favourite discoveries on my last visit to Vancouver was this amazing collection of statues near English Bay Beach, but sadly it was fenced off for the annual Celebration of Light fireworks extravaganza and Vancouver Gay Pride which attracts thousands of tourists and sightseers. Fortunately that wasn't a problem this time, but more of these fun sculptures another day.

The Drop sculpture by Inges Idee
The Drop sculpture Inges Idee Vancouver
Another sculpture which impresses each time I see it is 'The Drop', which is an elongated giant blue drop of water which is perfectly placed beside the Vancouver Convention Centre, overlooking the harbour and the snowcapped mountains.

Search bronze sculpture by S. Seward Johnson, Jr.
Search bench bronze sculpture
A whimsical piece which always makes me smile is this old lady on a bench bronze sculpture in Devonian Harbour Park called 'Search'.

Behind us you can also see the abstract 'Solo' sculpture by Natalie McHaffie, which is in the perfect location near the marina with its spiral of stainless steel sail masts and wings.

Mountie Jason always gets his man
Mountie Jason
I couldn't resist being a total tourist and getting my picture taken with a Mountie, of the 2D variety this time.

Gastown's steamclock
Gastown steamclock VancouverGastown steamclock
This trip we also ventured in the Gastown district for the first time, which is a fun little neighbourhood of cafes, galleries and tourist shops.
Canadian Hockey Moose
I still love Douglas Coupland's pixelated Digital Orco sculpture and that mountain view in the distance makes for an amazing backdrop.

Digital Orco sculpture by Douglas Coupland
Digital Orco sculpture
Obviously I couldn't resist fooling around with the laughing sculptures some more while I had the chance.
Jason A-maze-ing Laughter statue
And finally here's the Vancouver sky at night, which looked pretty spectacular from our hotel balcony.
Vancouver night sky
So goodbye for now Vancouver, it's been fun and I'm sure we'll see you again soon...

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