Saturday, February 4, 2012

I ran Vancouver (well 20 miles at least)...

I did it. I ran my 20 mile training run for the L.A. Marathon on my own around Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Jason poses for a photo at mile 18
Stanley Park runners
Not only did I get to enjoy the Canadian scenery all around the seawall, but I also ventured into new marinas, parks and docks that I've never discovered before.

Harry Winston Jerome statue in Stanley Park
Harry Winston Jerome monument
It certainly made for an interesting run and helped pass the time in the absence of my T2: Team to End AIDS training teammates.
Harry Winston Jerome statue
At around mile 18, I couldn't resist having my picture taken with British Columbia's famous Olympic track and field athlete and 1960's World Record setter, Harry Winston Jerome.
Harry Winston Jerome statue
The inscription on his monument by Sir Walter Scott reads "The will to do, the soul to dare". Pretty inspiring for anyone, but especially for a novice marathon runner like myself.
Harry Jerome statue Stanley Park
One thing I was very grateful for on my 20 mile run was my new Lululemon running tights. Not only did they keep my legs warm but they seemed to compress my muscles and help with the usual aches and pains you feel when you run these distances. What a revelation they were.

Ice-bath Vancouver edition
Vancouver ice bath
I'm sure they be a key part in my running arsenal in the future. From one new tradition to a very similar one. After the run I took the plunge with an ice-bath to help soothe my legs. I have to say, the morning after they don't feel too bad at all.
Harry Jerome statue Vancouver
Running in another city is a great way to get to know a place and I'm glad I chose to do my training in Vancouver. Now I can enjoy my last day here in style.

Only 43 days to the L.A. Marathon to go. Let the countdown begin...

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