Tuesday, February 28, 2012

L.A.'s most eye-catching TV, movie and music billboards in February...

There was an abundance of movie and television billboards to entertain passersby this month, from exciting new blockbusters to returning TV favorites and more. Here's some of February's billboard ad highlights to enjoy.

Movie billboards
John Carter white apes billboard
First up is one of Disney's slightly controversial John Carter ads. Why the controversy you ask? Well, some people, myself included wish they'd gone with the John Carter of Mars title as it would have instantly helped explain the sci-fi premise of the movie, whilst other people just don't feel these billboards clearly communicate what the film is about (aside from being a mash-up of Star Wars and Prince of Persia).

Personally I like this latest white apes creative, it's the strongest so far, but check out these other John Carter billboards for more from the movie's ad campaign.
Ghost Rider 2 movie billboard
Next up is the Ghost Rider sequel, Spirit of Vengeance, which seems to have gotten a bit of a critical panning. At least the billboard is pretty awesome and eye-catching.

If you're a fan be sure to check out these Ghost Rider 2 motorcycles on display.
Wrath of the Titans billboard
After a very disappointing 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans, we've been promised a much improved sequel with Wrath of the Titans. At least the new billboards bring the drama.
Giant Mirror Mirror billboard
Following a few years where superheroes ruled at the box office, Hollywoodland seems intend to mine the fertile ground that fairytales provide, both on TV and on the big screen.

This year will also see not one, but two Snow White movies, although at least Julia Roberts new Mirror Mirror looks like it plans to set itself apart from Snow White and the Huntsman with a dash of good humour. It's also nice to see the actress playing against type as the Evil Queen and not the heroine.
The Vow movie billboard
This month the battle for Valentine's Day audiences seemed to be between amnesiac one story, The Vow, and the action spy comedy This Means War.
This Means War billboard
Another romantic comedy vying for cinema goers was Tyler Perry's Good Deeds.
Good Deeds movie billboard
2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth spawned a sequel this year, with The Rock replacing Brendan Fraser as leading man in Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.
Journey 2 movie billboard
Finally, here's an Oscar consideration billboards for the sentimental War Horse which played with audiences heart strings with its stirring World War I friendship between boy and his horse.
War Horse Oscar billboard
If you're a fan of the movie, be sure to check out these other War Horse movie billboards and costumes from the movie.

TV billboards
GCB billboard
Kristin Chenoweth brought the bling in February with these fantastic glittering billboards for new ABC comedy drama, GCB (Good Christian Bitches or Belles).
Giant Mad Men 5 falling man billboard
After far too long away from our screens, 60's ad agency drama Mad Men teased their return to AMC with these amazing and controversial 'falling man' billboards, plus a second wave of copy only ads.
Mad Men 5 Adultery billboard
Check out all the Mad Men season five ad creatives at my Daily Billboard blog.
Life's Too Short TV billboard
Ricky Gervais teamed up with Star Wars and Willow actor Warwick Davis for Life's Too Short. The billboards are fun, but let's hope the TV show isn't just a one-joke wonder.
Fashion Star TV billboard
It looks like NBC wants to steal Project Runway's reality crown with its new Fashion Star show. Personally I'll stick with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, who always 'make it work'.
Delocated season 3 billboard
One of the funniest billboards this month, which made me laugh out loud, was this ad for season three of Delocated. They've taken their Calvin Klein underwear parody ads one step further with this man sitting atop a billboard.
Awake NBC billboard
Jason Isaacs new cop fantasy show, Awake, has some cool billboards around town. It's an interesting premise. After being involved in a car accident with his family, when he goes to sleep in one universe his wife is dead and in another parallel reality she's alive and his son died.
The Voice season 2 billboard
The Voice is back for a second season and seems to be stealing American Idol's spotlight.
RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 billboard
RuPaul is back for a fourth season of Drag Race, with more drag queens competing to be the next drag superstar. As a gay man, I think it's so amazing and progressive that there are these spectacular billboards around L.A. for a show about drag queens.
The River TV billboard
TV's latest foray into horror, The River, brought the creepiness to L.A.'s skyline this month with this scared eye creative.
Interior Therapy Jeff Lewis billboard
Whilst Jeff Lewis gets another show on Bravo to indulge his eccentricities, this time from flipping houses to interior design (is the therapy for him or the houses you have too ask).
Igniter Syfy billboard
Finally this fun billboard for the Syfy cable channel advertised its audience to potential advertisers. Apparently 'Igniters' are super influential consumers who demand the latest products.

Music billboards
54th Grammys Foo Fighters billboard
This month Adele scooped the majority of the awards at The 54th Grammys. They really should have just put her on all the ads, rather than the Foo Fighters.
Giant Van Halen billboard
And finally I loved this giant-sized ad for Van Halen's latest album and tour with its industrial art deco aesthetic.

Be sure to check out Daily Billboard every day for the latest TV and movie billboard ads, and come back next month for another fantastic round-up.

Until then keep your eyes to the skies...

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