Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lots of love for Whitney Houston on Valentine's Day...

Today I ran past The Beverly Hilton and paused to snap some photos of all the tributes to Whitney Houston that lay there.

Fans pay homage to Whitney Houston in Beverly Hills
Whitney Houston tribute Beverly Hilton
The pop diva was found at the infamous hotel unconscious and underwater in her bath on Saturday and sadly died later.
Beverly Hilton Hotel
This Valentine's Day must be even more poignant for fans of the singer and movie actress, as this abundance of floral and heart-shaped tributes placed on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard outside the hotel show.
Whitney Houston memorial tribute
Personally I found it quite hypocritical of some people on the weekend who upon hearing news of her death were gushing about her legacy and her voice on Facebook, twitter and the like, especially after they've not had a good word to say about her for the last ten years or so.
Whitney Houston tribute
Yes the world has lost a great talent, but sadly it lost it many years ago to drugs and substance abuse. Did people really think her life wasn't going to end in tragedy?
Whitney Houston tribute LA
For my part I liked her in The Bodyguard and my favorite songs of Whitney's are probably 'I wanna to dance with somebody' and 'It's not right but it's ok' (the dance version) which made for many a great night out.

R.I.P. Whitney, let's hope you find the peace in death that you seemed to miss in life...

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