Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Prism Gallery gets a head on L.A.'s Sunset Strip...

I always love when I'm driving around West Hollywood and something new pops up out of nowhere to brighten the local landscape.

Giant face from Miss You exhibition
by Os Gemeos at the Prism Gallery
Os Gemeos giant face Prism Gallery
Take for example this yellow giant face atop the Prism Gallery along L.A.'s Sunset Strip.
Os Gemeos giant face Sunset Strip
The rooftop art installation is by Brazilian identical twin street artists, Os Gemeos, who currently have an exhibition at the gallery.
Os Gemeos giant face Prism Gallery
This fun giant head certainly made me smile when I saw it and it's certainly one way to publicize your latest art show.
Os Gemeos face Prism Gallery
And if you look at the giant billboard behind the face, it's almost as if Julia Roberts is giving it the evil eye for blocking the view of the ad for her latest movie, Mirror Mirror.

I wonder what will appear next to make the skies of L.A. more interesting...

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