Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunset Strip's Artists' Tower of Protest - art or eye-sore...?

As part of the Pacific Standard Time Performace and Public Art festival this 58-foot steel tower has been erected along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on the vacant lot at Hilldale Avenue.

Artists' Tower of Protest sculpture by Mark di Suvero
Artists' Peace Tower Sunset Strip 2012
Apparently it's a recreation of Mark di Suvero's Artists's Tower of Protest from 1966 when it was built at Sunset and La Cienega Boulevards as a symbol of protest against the Vietnam War.
Sunset Strip Artists' Peace Tower 2012
I'm usually a huge fan of outdoor public art and I like the sentiment behind the re-staging, but personally I find this basic sculpture a bit amateurish and ugly.
Artists' Peace Tower Sunset Strip 2012
But that's just my opinion and others may find it a thing of beauty, or at least admire its peace message (as I do).
Sunset Strip Peace Tower 2012

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