Friday, February 3, 2012

What a difference six months makes (in Vancouver)...

Sometimes six months can make all the difference and the most noticeable difference in Vancouver from the last time we were visiting is the weather, or more precisely, the temperature.

Solo sculpture by Natalie McHaffie in July 2011
Solo sculpture Natalie McHaffie

Solo sculpture by Natalie McHaffie in February 2012
Natalie McHaffie Solo Sculpture
Let's face it, I'm slightly spoiled by living in L.A. where we've had heat-waves for most of the Winter, so it's even more noticeable when you travel further North and the temperatures tumble.

Stanley Park totem pole in July 2011
Totem pole Vancouver August

Stanley Park totem pole in February 2012
February Vancouver totem
Luckily there's no rain at the moment, but as you can see there's much more snow on those mountain peaks, which are wreathed in clouds. The sky is a bit greyer and the trees have shed their leaves for the season.

Digital Orca sculpture by Douglas Coupland in August 2011
Digital Orca Sculpture

Digital Orca sculpture by Douglas Coupland in February 2012
Digital Orca Vancouver
And did I mention it's colder?

Yesterday we took a leisurely stroll around Stanley Park's seawall and the views inspired me so much that I'm off to run 20 miles today, in lieu of training with my T2: Team to End AIDS teammates on the weekend (after all the L.A. Marathon is only 44 days away).

Vancouver's Olympic Cauldron in August 2011
Olympic Cauldron Vancouver Aug 2011Olympic Cauldron Vancouver

Vancouver's Olympic Cauldron in February 2012
Olympic Cauldron Vancouver Feb 2012Olympic Cauldron Vancouver
So it may be cold, but I'll soon be warming up. Actually the sky is clear and bright today, so it's a lovely fresh day to run.

And best of all, there's a nice ice-bath as a reward at the end to look forward to...

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