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Cool film and TV billboards from around L.A. in March 2012...

This month has seen a bumper crop of new special extension and giant-sized billboards, which always make my day when I see them. Plus along with lots of blockbuster movies, there's also a whole raft of new series and returning TV favorites filling the L.A. skyline.

Movie billboards
Feel the Wrath billboard
First up is one of my favorite billboards this month for the Clash of the Titans sequel. You certainly 'Feel The Wrath' with this eye-catching movie billboard.
Wrath of the Titans billboard
I have to say I think I preferred Sam Worthington as the Greek mythical hero 'Perseus' with a buzz cut, rather than his new flowing locks though.
Giant Avengers movie billboard
The billboard which really got me excited in March though was the debut of this giant-sized spectacular ad for Marvel's The Avengers. I'm amazed how they managed to give each of the characters (three of which have starred in their own films) a chance to shine in this creative.
Giant Titanic billboard
I'm less excited about the 3D re-release of James Cameron's Titanic, but it is quite a novelty to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet looking so young again on this super-sized billboard for the box office record-breaking disaster movie.
The Dictator giant movie billboard
Another massive ad which brought a smile to my face was this billboard for Sacha Baron Cohen's new creation, The Dictator.
21 Jump St billboard
21 Jump Street, the TV show which kick-started Johnny Depp's career got a big screen comedy remake, with Jonah Hill fresh off his Oscar nomination and Channing Tatum with his second movie of the year after The Vow.
21 Jump Street movie billboard
And the prize for best stand-out this month may just have to go to Madagascar 3, because I absolutely adore this spectacle of rainbow color wigs. It's such a cool, fun visual that demands to be seen.
Madagascar 3 movie billboard
The Hunger Games smashed box office records and helped start another movie franchise to replace the likes of Harry Potter and Twilight this month. I've not read the books, but I have to say I loved the movie, Jennifer Lawrence was amazing and it kept me hooked throughout (obviously the parallels between this and Japan's Battle Royale movie from 2000 can't be a coincidence).
The Hunger Games billboard
The American Pie gang are having a reunion for their fourth cinematic outing and I love the name tag creative for the R-Rated comedy. If you're a fan, be sure to check out more American Reunion billboards at my Daily Billboard blog.
American Reunion billboard
Eddie Murphy is still trying to recapture the glory of his comedic heyday, but sadly movies like A Thousand Words are not going to help him methinks.
A Thousand Words billboard
And by the looks of things Think Like A Man isn't destined to be comedy gold either and the montage creative is a bit too old school.
Think like a Man billboard
Meanwhile Zac Efron tries desperately to grow up as a Marine returned from Iraq in The Lucky One, but does anyone really believe that this pretty boy could have gone to war?
The Lucky One movie billboard

TV billboards
Eastbound and Down season 3 billboard
This super-sized billboard for the third season of Eastbound & Down certainly had an unconventional image that caught your eye, with Danny McBride wading through the waves rather than some buff Calvin Klein model.
Game of Thrones season 2 billboard
And more excitement in TV form this month with the debut of the second season billboard for Game of Thrones. Those fiery embers flying around that fist holding a crown is such a striking visual.
Game Change HBO billboard
The wonderful Julianne Moore bore an uncanny resemblance to Sarah Palin in the ads for HBO's Game Change about John McCain's (thankfully) unsuccessful presidential campaign.
Mad Men season 5 billboard
Mad Men returned to our screens for a fifth season this month and Don Draper window shopping for a life of 'pipe and slippers' and naked mannequins really evoked the feel of the 60's based world of male chauvinist and egotistical ad men. Be sure to check out these other cool teaser billboards for Mad Men season five.
Rome CBS Sports billboard
I'm not a sports fan, but this billboard for radio talk show host Jim Rome's new show on CBS Sports certainly caught my attention with its bold and simple design.
Client List billboard
Meanwhile Jennifer Love Hewitt almost revealed all along L.A.'s Sunset Strip this month for her new Lifetime series, The Client List.
Breakout Kings season 2 billboard
Breakout Kings second season billboard teased a death of a character from the cop show to help it stand out.
The Borgias season 2 billboard
Whilst the 15th century Borgias family looked as scheming as ever for their sophomore season on Showtime.
Touch TV billboard
Kiefer Sutherland is trying a softer approach than in 24 with his new series Touch, as a father of troubled boy who can predict the future.
Missing billboard
Whilst conversely Ashley Judd is channeling 'Jack Bauer' when someone abducts her son in her new action-thriller, Missing.
Loiter Squad billboard
Adult Swim brings us another crazy and arresting billboard this month for Loiter Squad.
Fashion Police Joan Rivers billboard
And Joan Rivers casts her evil eye for the Fashion Police. I have to say that after seeing her fly-on-the-wall documentary, A Piece of Work, I really have greater respect for the foul-mouthed comedienne. Her work ethic is amazing, but sadly she's surrounded by all these leeches, supposed friends and family, living off her success.
LA Style billboard
Then on the other hand there's former protege of super-stylist Rachel Zoe, Taylor Jacobson, who seemed to have a really bad attitude and work ethic, getting her own show, LA Style, on Oxygen.
Fairly Legal season 2 billboard
Sarah Shahi is back for a second season of Fairly Legal with this fun creative and all her lawyer competitors lined up like dominoes.
The Killing season 2 billboard
AMC's The Killing returns too, but can they win back viewers after disappointing them last season by not revealing teenager Rosie Larsen's killer?
Holliston FearNet billboard
Fearnet tries the old nudity trick to draw passerby attention to its new original comedy, Holliston.

Radio billboards
Ideas not Ideology billboard
This month I loved the simplicity and stand-out of these ads for KPCC 89.3 News radio. The bright orange really popped and the slogans like 'Ideas not Ideology' and 'Balance not Bias' really appealed. If you like this, see the rest of these radio station billboards.

Music billboards
Josh Baze music billboard
Finally this music ad for Josh Baze caught my eye, mainly because it has a guys name with a female model, which is slightly jarring.

If you liked this wonderful cornucopia of movie, TV, radio and music billboards, be sure to check out Daily Billboard for more amazing ad creatives every day.

Come back at the end of April for another fantastic monthly round-up...

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