Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cute puppy Cooper memories...

I'm sorry but just how adorable is our Yellow Labrador Cooper?
Yellow Labrador puppyHow can you not love those eyes, those floppy ears and that beautiful face.
Mirror Labrador Cooper
I was looking through some old photos, ahh the joy of digital images, and seeing these particular pictures of Cooper brought a smile to my face.
Labrador pup's bone
It's hard to believe our 84lb, almost four year old, Lab was ever this small that he could fit between the legs of a bench, or under the sofa, or even in our bookcase.
Labrador pup toy
My advice to anyone with a new puppy, take as many picture as you can, because they grow so fast. Snap away and you'll be able to relive the memories in the future too.
Yellow Labrador pup asleep
Personally I find all the images of Cooper sleeping especially adorable, he's like a bundle of paws, ears and fluffy fur.
Cute Labrador pup
Looking back you can conveniently forget all about the sharp teeth and claws, the lack of bladder control and all those sleepless nights.
Bench Labrador paws
If there's one thing we miss about Cooper from those early days is his pitch black nose, which has now turned to a much pinker 'snow nose'.
Labrador pup face
But he's still as cute as he was.
Tennis ball Labrador Cooper
As you can see our boy has always been very talented. I remember our pride when he first picked up two tennis balls in his mouth and our joy when he managed three (although sadly we've never been able capture that on camera).
Beach puppy Cooper
He's also always had a talent for making us laugh, he's a bit of a comedy dog.
Comedy Labrador Cooper
From frolicking on the beach, to trying to get out of his inflatable cone after an operation. Pure comedy gold.
Frisbee Labrador Cooper
Hopefully these photos will satisfy all Cooper's many fans out there.
Sleepy Labrador Cooper
Be sure to come back soon for even more photos of our growing pup...

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