Friday, March 23, 2012

GuitarTown returns to L.A.'s Sunset Strip in 2012...

The fun public art installation featuring giant individually decorated Gibson guitars has returned to L.A.'s Sunset Strip this month. Yes that's right, GuitarTown is back.

People Of The Sun guitar by Edgar Pasten
People of the Sun guitar Edgar Pasten
The first invasion of over-sized Les Paul guitars happened in August 2010 with twenty-six different creations positioned all along the infamous Strip, often moving to different locations in the months that passed.
People of the Sun GuitarTownPeople of the Sun GuitarTown
This new wave is a bit more modest with only nine new works on display.
People of the Sun guitar neck
Here are two new designs to help kick things off, with Edgar Pasten's 'People Of The Sun' guitar up first.
People of the Sun guitar back
Apparently this quirky design is inspired by the Rage Against The Machine song of the same name and applies the lyrics to the struggles immigrants have faced.
People of the Sun guitar Edgar Pasten
You can currently find this guitar in the parking lot next to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Horn Avenue along Sunset Boulevard.

Freedom guitar by Lana Gomez
Freedom Guitar 9000 Sunset StripLana Gomez Freedom GuitarTown
Next up is the colourful paint dripped 'Freedom' by Lana Gomez, located outside the 9000 building along Sunset Boulevard, across from The Roxy.
Freedom Lana Gomez Guitar headFreedom Lana Gomez Guitar
This vibrant design is one of my favorites from the new batch of ten-foot-tall guitar sculptures.
Freedom Lana Gomez GuitarTown sculpture
This psychedelic design recognises Sunset Strip's role in allowing musicians to blaze their own path, celebrating freedom and spontaneity.
Freedom Lana Gomez Guitar back
If you like these 2012 guitars be sure to come back soon for a look at more of the new designs, plus be sure to check out the original Sunset Strip GuitarTown installation from 2010.

I love the fact there's always something cool happening to change the local landscape of West Hollywood. It certainly keeps things interesting...

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