Saturday, March 24, 2012

GuitarTown's Black Eyed Peas and Electric Warrior guitars...

GuitarTown is back along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip and here are two designs new for 2012.

Black Eyed Peas guitar by Tsipi Mani
Black Eyed Peas Guitar Tsipi Mani
The first of the giant Gibson Les Paul guitars is an homage to Los Angeles' own Black Eyed Peas created by Tsipi Mani.
Black Eyed Peas guitarBlack Eyed Peas Guitar back
This glossy black 'Imma Be' bumblebee design can be found outside the 9200 building along Sunset Boulevard and it replaces Erin Lareau's Katy Perry tribute guitar from GuitarTown's first wave in 2010.
Black Eyed Peas GuitarTown sculpture
Next up is the 'Electric Warrior' design by Shepard Fairey whose work is inspired by Marc Bolan of T-Rex, with a nod to vintage vinyl LP and stereo graphics.

Electric Warrior guitar by Shepard Fairey
Electric Warrior Guitar Shepard Fairey
You'll find this horizontal guitar outside the Andaz Hotel, where you'd previously have found a guitar tribute to Jimi Hendrix from the inaugural GuitarTown along the Sunset Strip.
Electric Warrior GuitarTown sculpture
Electric Warrior Guitar Obey head
If you like this public art installation concept, you should also check out the Hearts of San Francisco sculptures and L.A.'s Community of Angels Project from the early 2000's.
Electric Warrior GuitarTown 2012
Stay tuned for even more new guitars in the days to come...

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