Monday, March 26, 2012

GuitarTown's Collaborative Street Art and Nothing's Shocking guitars hit Sunset Strip...

Here are another duo of the new designs that debuted this month as part of the first wave of Sunset Strip's GuitarTown 2012.

Collaborative Street Art guitar
Collaborative Street Art guitar
This riot of colour is a collaborative effort by a whole host of street artists including Alec Monopoly, Free Humanity, Smog City, Bankrupt Slut, Bod Bod, 2wenty, Snyder, Gregory Siff, KH No.7, Smear, Desire Obtain Cherish, CYRCLE. & DD$, Leba and Homo Riot.
Collaborative Street Art guitarCollaborative Street Art GuitarTown
You can find this guitar outside The Roxy Theatre along Sunset Boulevard, although sadly it looked like the guitar stand had already been vandalized with the information plaque being removed.
Collaborative Street Art guitar backCollaborative Street Art GuitarTown
Today's other guitar can be found in the window of the Hornburg Jaguar and Land Rover showroom along Sunset Boulevard.

Nothing's Shocking guitar by Ryan McCann
Nothing's Shocking guitar sculpture
I'm loving this vibrant pink and blue design which is inspired by Jane's Addiction, although it's a shame that it's hidden away behind a wall of glass.
Nothing's Shocking guitar
I've not seen the ninth guitar design at Whisky A Go-Go yet, but if you like these creations be sure to check out the original wave of GuitarTown sculptures from August 2010.

I'll keep my eyes peeled in the coming months as I'm sure more guitars will start appearing when I least expect it...

UPDATED: It looks like there may be a new wave of guitar creations imminent as running past the Hornburg showroom the other day I spied a little soiree in their honour.
Nothings Shocking Janes Addiction tribute guitar
Nothings Shocking Janes Addiction guitar
Fortunately this means that the Jane's Addiction tribute guitar, 'Nothing's Shocking', has ventured out from behind the glass into the West Hollywood sunshine along the Sunset Strip.
Nothings Shocking guitar back
Nothings Shocking Janes Addiction guitartown
Hot pink and electric blue has never looked better...

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