Friday, March 2, 2012

Hollywood for rent...

Need a dinosaur? Or maybe a pirate? A silver mannequin? Or what about the Hollywood Sign itself?
Hollywood prop rental
Over the past few years I've driven by this prop rental 'junkyard' (for want of a better word) or maybe we should call it an 'emporium', which seems to carry the wildest and weirdest assortment of props and memorabilia.
Hollywood Sign prop
Prop rental La Brea Avenue
Located on La Brea Avenue at West 1st Street this veritable cornucopia of oddities is filled to the rafters (if it had any) with all kinds of things to fill your latest film, TV show, restaurant, bar, theme park or maybe even a Halloween party.
Dinosaur sculpture propDinosaur sculpture
The ever-changing menagerie of creatures and objects on show always makes me smile as I drive by.
Caged giant baby prop
Pirate prop
For an instant it also makes me think, where could I put a patchwork metal dinosaur or the giant Statue of Liberty head they had there recently? Maybe the roof deck? If only I had a garden. Then reality kicks in.
Metal dinosaur propsHollywood props
You have to admit, it looks like a fun place to work or at least wander through.
Hollywood prop rental
If you want to see more original props used in the movies and on television on display you should also check out my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.

I wonder what delights it will have to offer in the months to come...

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